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  Spanish and Hispanic Studies , Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Writing and Gender, 20th and 21st century Spanish American e-poetries , the relationship of literature and music, inter-artistic approaches for teaching/learning advanced Latin American and Caribbean literature and its connections to music
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  As Associate Professor of Spanish with the Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics at York University, Canada, I teach courses in Spanish and Latin American literature, and am a Fellow at Massey College, University of Toronto, and an Executive Committee member of the Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean. I am working on a project that I have created which is titled “Plural Poetries: 21st-Century Poetry-Making in the Americas” to examine contemporary poetry in the Americas that has an embodied conception of the world and proposes imaginative solutions to pressing issues in contemporary society. Specific poetry productions of Canada (Latino-Canadian), Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, United States (Latino-US) and Uruguay are studied to reveal the ‘redemptive’ quality or function of poetic performances, art actions and installations makes space for reconsidering aspects such as:
• gender issues (including the widespread and hidden realities of gender violence and possible means for its elimination);
• the dialectic between citizen democracy and globalization;
• the defense of civil liberties and privacy;
• translinguality and transculturality as a daily lived experience in the Americas.
  I have published in refereed journals and edited volumes on the relationship of literature to music in Latin America and on women’s writing and gender issues, and more recently on networked poetries, video-poems, gaming theory as applied to poetry, and poetry installations and movements. In my book, Poesía y canto popular: Su convergencia en el siglo XX. Uruguay, 1960-1985[Poetry and Popular Song: Their Convergence in the Twentieth Century. The Case of Uruguay, 1960-1985], I examined the socio-cultural process of poetry that is set to music. A classically trained guitarist and vocalist, I have also studied music as a subtext in women’s prose, and music in the 20th century Latin American novel. My poetry has been published in Jones Av. V/2 and in a compact disc compilation, The Sound of Poetry, and in the first trilingual anthology of Hispano-Canadians writers and artists, ANTARES 2009: Anthology of Hispanic-Canadian Literary and Artistic Creativity (2009). I recently edited and a collection titled Poet- Tree 2015: The Poetry of Sport & The Sport of Poetry as part of an Ignite community project for the Toronto 2015 Pan American/Parapan American Games that contained works by salient poets working in Latin America today. The topic of this edition broke new ground as few volumes exist that connect poetry and sports, while also alluding to notions of identity and hemispheric historicities. My book _Creation Sounds: Latin American Literature, Music and Performativity_ (Chicago: Common Ground Research, U of Illinois (2018) has just appeared in paperback version (2019). I am currently working on the final stages of the edition of a collected volume of articles co-edited with two of my DLLL colleagues; the book is titled _Globally Informed Design and Praxis in Languages, Literatures and Linguistics Curricula_.