Nicolas-Guillaume Martineau

Associate Professor



Public economics, political economics, welfare economics, ethics and economics.

Ph.D., economics, Queen's University at Kingston (2012)

MA, economics, Queen's University at Kingston (2006)

BA Specialized Honours, economics, Glendon College, York University (2005)

“The Effect of Party Discipline on the Electoral Accountability of Politicians”. Cahier de recherche du GREDI 12-04, Université de Sherbrooke. (Submitted)

“The Influence of Special Interests and Party Activists on Electoral Competition”. CESifo Working Paper 3811, CESifo Group Munich, and Cahier de recherche du GREDI 12-02, Université de Sherbrooke. (Submitted).

“Societal Consensus and Redistributive Taxation” (In progress).

“Taxing Nested Intangible Goods” (with Pier-André Bouchard St-Amant). (In progress.)

Journal Articles

Martineau, Nicolas-Guillaume and Xavier de Vanssay. (2019). “Sinning by Omission: Insider Trading and Ethical Behavior”, Journal of Economics and Business 104(July–August). 

Boadway, Robin W. and Nicolas-Guillaume Martineau. (2016). “Optimal Redistribution with Endogenous Social Norms”, Scandinavian Journal of Economics 118(3), 524-556.

Martineau, Nicolas-Guillaume and Gregor W. Smith. (2015). “Identifying fiscal policy (in)effectiveness from the differential counter-cyclicality of government spending in the interwar period”, Canadian Journal of Economics 48(4), November, 1291-1320.