Lyse Hebert

Associate Professor
Translation, Department Chair


   York Hall 135


  Lyse Hébert is a graduate of the Glendon College School of Translation (B.A. and an M.A.) and holds a PhD in Humanities from York. Her research focuses on the sociology of translation and on curriculum development. She practiced as a professional translator for over 20 years, both in the public sector and as co-owner of a private translation firm.

Translation, English / French
Translation, French / Spanish
Translation, English / Spanish

Humanities, York University
Translation. Glendon College, York University


  • (2015) Daniel Simeoni’s Traductologies: Selected Writings of D. Simeoni. L. Hébert & M.C. Guzmán, eds. Toronto: GREF.
  • (2014) Beyond Mediation: Selected Proceedings of the Fourth Graduate Conference in Translation. L. Hébert, Editor. Toronto: York University.
  • (1990) Lexique anglais-français de l’enfance maltraitée. Toronto: Institut pour la prévention de l’enfance maltraité.     
Journal Articles

  • (In press) Hébert, L. "Interrogating Translator Subservience Across Cultures." In H. Buzelin and A. Nouss (eds.) TTR.
  • (2012) “’Para resistir la crisis y progresar: Readings and Translations of Cuban Political Discourse.” Written with Martin Boyd. Mutatis Mutandis: Translations, Interpretations, Reinterpretations, vol. 5, no. 2, 2012, 259-70.  
Book Chapters

  • (2013) “Conclusion.” In A. Klimkiewicz, ed. Multilingual Identitites: Translators and Interpreters as Cross-cultural Migrants. Toronto: Antares, 199-201.
  • (2012) “Translational History and Practice in Cuba and Canada.” In M. Reisenleitner and S. Ingram, eds. Historical Textures of Translation: Traditions, Trauma, Transgressions. Vienna: Mille Tre, 127-50.
  • (2009) “Feminisation: A socially and politically charged translation strategy.” In I.A. Perez, C.W.L. Wilson and R. de Pedro (eds.) Public Service Interpreting and Translation. Manchester: St. Jerome Publishing, 127-40.     
Other Publications


  • (2012) Spanish to English translation of chapter by Hernández, R. “Transitology, realpolitik or todo lo contrario? Old and New Futures in US-Cuban Relations.” In R. Pruessen and S. Castro eds. Fifty Years of Revolution: Perspectives on Cuba, the United States and the World. Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 349-58.
  • (1993) English to French translation of book titled Positive Child Guidance by Darla Ferris Miller. French title: L’éducation des enfants : une démarche positive. Transl. L. Hébert and D. Joly. Sudbury: L’Institut des technologies télématiques, 335 pages