Christina Clark-Kazak

Associate Professor

International Studies

   Glendon Hall 215
   416-736-2100 x 88106

Dr Christina Clark-Kazak's SSHRC-funded research analyzes age mainstreaming in migration and development policy. Her recent book, Recounting Migration, explores the political narratives of young Congolese refugees in Uganda. She is editor-in-chief of Refuge: Canada's Journal on Refugees. For 10 years, she has also worked as a development practitioner.


International development assistance

Age mainstreaming

Canadian foreign policy


Oxford University, 2007
Cambridge University, 1999

My interndisciplinary research focuses on age discrimination in migration and development contexts.

Clark-Kazak, Christina. 2011. Recounting Migration: Political Narratives of Congolese Young People in Uganda. Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press.

Clark-Kazak, Christina and Aida Orgocka, eds. 2012. Independent child migration - Insights into age, agency and family decision-making. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Journal Articles

    •    Clark-Kazak, Christina. 2014. “A refugee is someone who refused to be oppressed”: Self-survival strategies of Congolese young people in Uganda. Stability: International Journal of Security & Development 3(1): 1-11.   Full Text (PDF) 
     •    Clark-Kazak, Christina. 2013. Theorizing age and generation in migration contexts: Towards social age mainstreaming? Canadian Journal of Ethnic Studies 44(3): 1-10.    
     •    Clark-Kazak, Christina. 2012. The Politics of Formal Education in Refugee Contexts: Education, Class and Decision-Making amongst Congolese Young People in Uganda. Refuge 27(2): 57-64.    
     •    Clark-Kazak, Christina and Aida Orgocka, eds. 2012. Independent child migration – Insights into age, agency and family decision-making. New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development series. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.  Publisher's Site 
     •    Clark-Kazak, Christina. 2012. Conclusions, reflections and prospects for future research, policy and programming. In Independent child migration - Insights into age, agency and family decision-making, edited by C. Clark-Kazak and A. Orgocka. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.  Publisher's Site 
     •    Clark-Kazak, Christina. 2009. Representing Refugees in the Life Cycle: A Social Age Analysis of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Annual Appeals and Reports, 1999-2008. Journal of Refugee Studies 22(3): 302-322.    
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     •    Clark-Kazak, Christina. 2009. The Politics of Protection: Aid, Human Rights Discourse and Power Relations. Disasters 34(3): 55-70.    
     •    Clark, Christina. 2007. Understanding vulnerability: From categories to experiences of Congolese young people in Uganda. Children & Society 21(4): 284-296.   

Book Chapters

    •    Clark-Kazak, Christina. 2014. From “children-in-development” to social age mainstreaming in Canada’s development policy and programming? Practice, prospects and proposals. In Rethinking Canadian Aid, edited by Stephen Brown, Molly den Heyer and David R. Black. Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press.  Publisher's Site 
     •    Clark-Kazak, Christina. 2012. Research as 'social work'? Managing expectations, compensation and relationships in research with unassisted, urban refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo. In Field Research in the Great Lakes Region: The Story behind the Findings, edited by A. Ansom, S. Thomson and J. Murison. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.   
     •    Clark-Kazak, Christina. 2011. Community Politics in Refugee Contexts: Young People, Networks and Decision-Making. In Children and Armed Conflict: Cross-Disciplinary Investigations, edited by D. Cook and T. Wall. Palgrave McMillan.    
     •    Clark, Christina. 2007. Livelihood Networks and Decision-Making among Congolese Young People in Uganda. In Refugee Rights and Issues: Concepts and Country Experiences, edited by Debashree Mukherjee, Hyderabad: ICFAI University Press, 2007. 132-157.    
     •    Clark, Christina. 2006. Juvenile Justice and Child Soldiering: Trends, Challenges, Dilemmas. In Protection of Children During Armed Political Conflict: A Multidisciplinary Perspective, edited by C. V. Greenbaum, P. Veerman and N. Bacon-Shnoor. Antwerp and Oxford: Intersentia. 311-328.    

Other Publications

     •    Clark-Kazak, Christina. 2012. Challenging Some Assumptions about 'Refugee Youth'. Forced Migration Review 40.   Full Text (HTML) 
    •    Clark-Kazak, Christina. 2012. Politicizing protection: Congolese young people’s strategies to influence decision-making in Uganda. Canadian International Council.  Full Text (HTML) 
     •    International Bureau for Children’s Rights. 2010. Children and Armed Conflict: A Guide to International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law. Montreal: IBCR. Authored chapter, “Refugee and Internally Displaced Children”, p. 157-180.   Full Text (PDF) 
     •    Clark-Kazak, Christina. 2008. Analyse préliminaire des conflits dans le contexte de la programmation de l’ACDI au Sénégal. Gatineau: CIDA.   

     •    Clark, Christina. 2008. Borders of Everyday Life: Congolese Young People’s Political Identification in Refugee Contexts in Uganda. Households in Conflict Network working paper 38. Brighton: Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex. Also profiled in ID21 Research Highlights.   Full Text (PDF)  PDF 

     •    Clark, Christina. 2007. Reference Guide to Resources and Tools on Conflict-sensitivity. Gatineau: CIDA.   
     •    Clark, Christina. 2007. Conflict-sensitive Action Plan for West and Central Africa Division, Canadian International Development Agency. Gatineau: CIDA.

     •    Clark, Christina. 2004. Child Protection in the Context of Displacement: Ntoroko County, Bundibugyo District. Refugee Law Project working paper 13. Kampala: Refugee Law Project, Makerere University.   Full Text (PDF)  PDF 

2015                Member, SSHRC adjudicating committee

2013 –             Editor-in-chief, Refuge: Canada’s Journal on Refugees

2011 –             Executive Committee Member, Canadian Association for Refugee and Forced Migration Studies

2010-2011       President, Canadian Association for Refugee and Forced Migration Studies

•    2015. "Innovations in Forced Migration", Connections Grant (SSHRC), $24,900.
     •    2015-2018. Refuge: Canada’s Journal on Refugees. Aid to scholarly journals (SSHRC), $60,900
     •    2011-2014 “Towards age mainstreaming? A social age analysis of Canada's international development policy and programming”, Standard Research Grant, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), $52,530 (Principal Investigator)
     •    2011 “Age and Generation in Migration”, Workshop Grant, SSHRC, $21,155 (Principal Applicant)
     •    2010-2011 “Children and Young People in Migration Contexts”, Seminar for Advanced Research, Office of the Vice-President Research, York University, $7,500 (Principal Applicant)
     •    2010 “A Social Age Analysis of Canada’s Live-in Caregiver Program”, Glendon Research Fund, York University, $2,150 (Principal Applicant)