Andrew F Clifford

Assistant Professor


   York Hall 121
   736-2100 x 88339

Dr. Clifford is a trained community interpreter, with experience predominantly in healthcare. He also holds an MA in conference interpreting. He is an Active Member of AIIC, and he is an accredited conference interpreter with the Government of Canada. He wrote his doctoral dissertation on the topic of certification exams for interpreters.

Translation, English / French
Translation, Other Languages

University of Ottawa (Translation Studies)
University of Ottawa (Conference Interpreting), Université Laval (Linguistics)

community interpreting; conference interpreting; scientific translation; evaluation and measurement.

Journal Articles

    •    Clifford, A. (2007). Healthcare interpreting and informed consent: What is the interpreter’s role in treatment decision-making? TTR: traduction terminology, rédaction. 18(2), 225-247.  Publisher's Site 
     •    Clifford, A. (2007). Grading scientific translation: What’s a new teacher to do? Meta, 52(2), 376-389.  Publisher's Site 
     •    Clifford, A. (2006). Is fidelity ethical? The social role of the healthcare interpreter. TTR: traduction, terminologie, rédaction. 17(2), 89-114  Publisher's Site 
     •    Clifford, A. (2005). Putting the exam to the test: Psychometric validation and interpreter certification. Interpreting 7(1), 97-131.  Publisher's Site 
     •    Clifford, A. (2001). Discourse theory and performance-based assessment: Two tools for professional interpreting. Meta, 46(2), 365-378.  Publisher's Site