Bruce Connell

Phonetics, Tone; African languages, Language Endangerment and language documentation Historical Linguistics, Language contact and change. Languages of the Cameroon-Nigeria border region, especially Mambiloid and Cross River languages. 


Connell, B. & D. R. Ladd (2020). A study of Mambila. Emmi Meyer’s Mambila-Studie. Translated, edited and updated to mark the eightieth anniversary of the original publication. Köln: Rüdiger Köppe Verlag.

Journal Articles

Connell, B. (2021) Gender in Durop. STUF Language Typology and Universals (Sprachtypologie und Universalienforschung)21(2). Special Issue, Tom Güldemann and Ines Fiedler, (Eds): More diversity enGENDERed by African languages: 402–425.

Connell, B, D. Zeitlyn, S. Griffiths, L. Hayward & M. Martin. (2021). Language ecology, endangerment and relict languages: Case studies from Adamawa (Cameroon-Nigeria).  Open Linguistics, 7(1): 244–300.

Book Chapters

Connell, B. & A. Akinlabi (2019) African Linguistics in offically English-speaking West Africa. In E. Wolff (Ed.). A History of African Linguistics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Pp 153–177.

Akinlabi, A,  B. Connell,  A. Jakobi, A. Lusekelo, R. Meyer, M-C. Simeone-Senelle & W. C. G. Smidt. (2019) African Linguistics in North-Eastern and So-Called Anglophone Africa. In E. Wolff (Ed.). Cambridge Handbook of African Linguistics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Pp 153–177.

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Connell, B. (2015) The role of colonialism in language endangerment in Africa. In J. Essegbey, B. Henderson, & F. Mc Laughlin (Eds.). Language Documentation and Endangerment in Africa. John Benjamins. Pp. 107–129.

Associate editor, Studies in African Linguistics.

International Francqui Professor, Francqui Foundation, Belgium (2021-22).