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Professor Colin Coates teaches Canadian Studies and History (at the graduate level). A specialist in the history of early French Canada, he is also interested in the history of Canadian utopias and environmental history. Past President of the Canadian Studies Network-Réseau d'études canadiennes, he was director of the Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies from 2011 to 2015.

Environmental History
Francophone Communities
Indigenous People

History of utopias in Canada

History, York University
History, University of British Columbia

I have published in the following areas:  rural and cultural history, history of commemoration, environmental history, history of power, digital history, Canadian studies.


•    (Editor) Canadian Countercultures and the Environment (Calgary: University of Calgary Press, 2016)

•    (Co-editor, with Geoffrey Ewen) Introduction aux études canadiennes: histoires, identités, cultures (Ottawa: Les Presses de l’Université d’Ottawa, 2012).  Publisher's Site
•    (Co-editor, with five colleagues), Visions: the Canadian History Modules Project (Toronto: Nelson Education, 2010), two volumes.  Publisher's Site 
•    (Editor) Majesty in Canada: Essays on the Role of Royalty (Toronto: Dundurn Press, 2006), ed., 280 pp.  Publisher's Site  
•    Les Transformations du paysage et de la société au Québec sous le régime seigneurial, traduit par Jude Des Chênes (Sillery: Septentrion, 2003), 262 pp.  Publisher's Site  
•    (Co-author, with Cecilia Morgan), Heroines and History: Madeleine de Verchères and Laura Secord (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2002), 368 pp.  Publisher's Site  
•    The Metamorphoses of Landscape and Community in Early Quebec (Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2000), 231 pp.  Publisher's Site  

•    (Editor), Imperial Canada (Edinburgh: Centre of Canadian Studies, 1997), 221 pp.   

Journal Articles

•   (Co-autor, with Jim Clifford, Beatrice Alex, Ewan Klein, and Andrew Watson), “Geoparsing History: Locating Commodities in Ten Million Pages of Nineteenth-Century Sources” Historical Methods 49, 3 (July-September, 2016), forthcoming.

•  (Co-author, with Uta Hinrichs, Beatrice Alex, Jim Clifford, Andrew Watson, Aaron Quigley, and Ewan Klein), “Trading Consequences: A Case Study of Combining Text Mining and Visualization to Facilitate Document Exploration” Digital Scholarship in the Humanities (with ) 30, Supplement 1 (2015):  i50-i75 (published online, 12 October 2015): DOI:

•   (Co-author, with Dagomar DeGroot) “‘Les bois engendrent le frimas et les gelées : comprendre le climat en Nouvelle-France” Revue d’histoire de l’Amérique française, 68, 3-4 (hiver-printemps 2015): 197-219. 

•   (Co-auteur, avec Sonya Lipsett-Rivera), “Un Canadien errant: Louis-Marie Moreau, dit Coulon: hérésie et rébellion au Nouveau-Mexique”, Revue d’histoire de l’Amérique française 63, 4 (printemps 2010): 435-64. English version of this article: "Un Canadien Errant" in New Mexico: Louis-Marie Moreau dit Coulon's Heresy and Rebellion", New Mexico Historical Review, 87, 4 (Fall 2012): 457-484.   
•    "The Rebellions of 1837-8, and other bourgeois revolutions in Quebec historiography" International Journal of Canadian Studies 20 (Fall 1999): 19-34; reprinted in R. Douglas Francis and Donald B. Smith, eds, Readings in Canadian History: Pre-Confederation 6th edition (Toronto: Nelson Thomson, 2002), pp. 280-291.   
•    "Like 'the Thames towards Putney': The Appropriation of Landscape in Lower Canada" Canadian Historical Review Vol LXXIV, no. 3 (September, 1993): 317-343. (Abridged version in David Freeland Duke, ed., Canadian Environmental History (Toronto: Canadian Scholars' Press, 2006), pp. 223-237).   
•    "Authority and Illegitimacy in New France: The Burial of Bishop Saint-Vallier and Madeleine de Verchères vs. the Priest of Batiscan" Histoire sociale - Social History Vol. XXII, no. 43 (May 1989): 65-90.   

Book Chapters

•  “Canadian Countercultures and their Environments” in Colin M. Coates, ed., Canadian Countercultures and the Environment (Calgary: University of Calgary Press, 2016), pp. 1-25.        

•    “Les cabales coloniales: la présence des élites dans le discours politique de la Nouvelle-France sous Louis XIV” in Thierry Nootens et Jean-René Thuot, eds., Les figures du pouvoir à travers le temps : Formes, pratiques, et intérêts des groupes élitaires au Québec, XVIIe-XXe siècles (Québec: Presses de l’Université Laval, 2012), pp. 37-44.  Publisher's Site 
•    “Vestiges du régime français,” in Geoffrey Ewen et Colin M. Coates, dirs., Introduction aux études canadiennes: histoires, identités, cultures (Ottawa: Les Presses de l’Université d’Ottawa, 2012), 22-34.   
•    “The Colonial Landscapes of Early Montreal” in Stéphane Castonguay and Michèle Dagenais, eds, Metropolitan Natures: Environmental Histories of Montreal (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2011), 19-36.  Publisher's Site 
•    Five modules in Visions: the Canadian History Modules Project (Toronto: Nelson Education, 2010): early contact between aboriginal peoples and Europeans; the fur trade; seigneurial tenure; the Rebellions of 1837-1838 in Upper and Lower Canada, state institutions in the 19th century.   
•    “Seeing and Not Seeing: Landscape Art as a Historical Source” in Alan MacEachern and William J. Turkel, eds., Method and Meaning in Canadian Environmental History (Toronto: Nelson Education, 2009), pp. 140-157.   
•    “French Canadians’ Ambivalence to the British Empire” in Phillip Buckner, ed., Canada and the British Empire (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008), pp. 181-199.   
•    “Canadian National Identity, 18th century to 1945” in Guntram H. Herb and David H. Kaplan, eds., Nations and Nationalisms in Global Perspective: An Encyclopedia of Origins, Development and Contemporary Transitions (Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2008), vol. I: 298-308.   
•    “Problems of Precedence in Louis XIV’s New France” in Colin M. Coates, ed., Majesty in Canada: Essays on the Role of Royalty (Toronto: Dundurn Press, 2006).   
•    “Introduction: Majesty in Canada” in Colin M. Coates, ed., Majesty in Canada: Essays on the Role of Royalty (Toronto: Dundurn Press, 2006).    

•    “The Iroquois of the Scottish Enlightenment: Scottish Readings of Aboriginal Society in the Eighteenth Century” in Pierre Anctil and Zilá Bernd, eds., Canada from the Outside In: New Trends in Canadian Studies (Brussels: Peter Lang, 2006), pp. 189-200.   
•    “La diversité de la communauté chinoise de la Colombie Britannique” in Marta Dvórak et Gérard Borras, dirs., Les Amériques et le Pacifique (Université de Rennes 2 : CEC-LIRA Équipe ERILAR, 2003), pp. 167-78.   
•    “Multiculturalism in Colonial Society: Canadian Examples from the 17th and 18th Centuries” in Barbara Saunders and David Haljan, eds., Whither Multiculturalism?: A Politics of Dissensus (Leuven: Leuven University Press, 2003), pp. 225-234.   
•    “La mémoire en pierre: Les statues commémoratives au Québec de 1800 à 1923” in Ingo Kolboom, dir., Gedächtnisorte im anderen Amerika – Tradition und Moderne in Québec (Heidelberg: Synchron Publishers, 2002), pp. 83-96. (Tranlsation of the article published in Focus on Quebec)   
•    “Memory and Commemoration in Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Quebec” in Christopher Rolfe, ed., Focus on Quebec: Five Essays on Québécois Society & Culture (Edinburgh: British Association for Canadian Studies, 1999), pp. 1-13.
•    "Canada" in John Cannon, ed., Oxford Companion to British History (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1997), pp. 159-160.   
•    "From Parliament Hill to Vimy Ridge: Imperial Canada, 1867-1917" [Preface] to Colin M. Coates, ed., Imperial Canada, 1867-1917 (Edinburgh: Centre of Canadian Studies, 1997), pp. 159-160.   
•    (Co-author with Megan J. Davies), "Kathleen Wood-Legh: A Canadian in Cambridge" in Alison Prentice and Beverly Boutilier, eds., Creating Historical Memory: English-Canadian Women and Work of History (Vancouver: UBC Press, 1997), pp. 254-270.   
•    "Commemorating the Woman Warrior of New France: Madeleine de Verchères" in Joy Parr and Mark Rosenfeld, eds., Gender and History in Canada (Toronto: Copp Clark, 1996), pp. 120-136.   
     •    "Community or Hierarchy?: Arguments before the seigneurial court at Batiscan" in D. Fyson, C. Coates and K. Harvey, eds., Class, Gender and the Law in 18th- and 19th-Century Québec: Sources and Perspectives (Montreal: Montreal History Group, 1993), pp. 81-97.   
     •    "La crise économique et le mouvement des caisses populaires Desjardins: La rationalisation des coopératives financières" in P-L Lapointe, dir., L'Outaouais: Actes du colloque sur l'identité régionale (Hull, Québec: IHRO, 1982), pp. 286-299.   

Other Publications

•    “Refaire l’histoire” Argument: Politique, société, histoire 12, 2 (printemps-été 2010): 133-42.   
•    “Teaching History Across Borders : The Collaboration between York and Arizona State Universities” Bulletin of the Canadian Historical Association 36, 2 (2010) : pp. 36-38.

•    (Co-author, with Ailsa Henderson), “Introduction: Scotland and Quebec, An Evolving Comparison” British Journal of Canadian Studies 18, 2 (2005): 207-213. (appeared in 2007).   
•    “Problèmes de gouvernance en Colombie Britannique : le cas de l’industrie forestière” Bulletin de l’Institut Pierre Renouvin numéro 10 (automne 2000) : 127-42.   
•    “Yukon Street, U.K.: Klondike place-names in the United Kingdom” The Northern Review 19 (winter 1998): 47-58.   

President, Canadian Studies Network-Réseau d'études canadiennes, 2010-2015.

Chair, Organising committee, Annual meeting of the American Society for Environmental History, Toronto, April 2013.

Director, Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies, York University, 2011-2015.

Editor (English-language), Histoire sociale - Social History, 2004-2007.

Editor, Themes in Canadian History series, University of Toronto Press, 2004-présent

Prix Lionel Groulx – Fondation Yves-Saint-Germain, Institut d’histoire de l’Amérique française, for Heroines and History, October 2003.

Honourable Mention, Sir John A Macdonald Prize, Canadian Historical Association, for Heroines and History, May 2003.

Canada Research Chair in Canadian Cultural Landscapes, 2003-2013 

Member of executive of the Network in Canadian History & Environment ( (2007-2014)
SSHRC workshop funding: Environmental Mobilities (2011)
Trading Consequences (Digging into Data) grant, 2012