Mario Roy

Associate Professor


   Glendon Hall C231

Given my responsibilities as Chair of Glendon's Mathematics Department and as Chair of York University's Senate, I teach only one course in 2021-22, namely

Winter 2022     GL/MATH 1950 3.00 Mathematics of Investment I     Wednesdays 18h30-21h30.

Dynamical systems, ergodic theory, thermodynamic formalism, and fractal geometry.

University of Goettingen, Advisor: Manfred Denker
Laval University, Advisor: Thomas J. Ransford


To appear in De Gruyter Expositions in Mathematics:

1. Noninvertible Dynamical Systems - Volume 1: Ergodic Theory - Finite and Infinite, Thermodynamic Formalism, Symbolic Dynamics and Distance Expanding Maps (with Sara Munday (John Cabot University) and Mariusz Urbanski, University of North Texas).

2. Noninvertible Dynamical Systems - Volume 2: Finer Thermodynamic Formalism, Conformal GDMSs, Rational Functions, and Fractal Geometry (with Sara Munday (John Cabot University) and Mariusz Urbanski, University of North Texas).

Journal Articles

Most recent

1. The Hausdorff dimension spectrum of conformal graph directed Markov systems and applications to nearest integer continued fractions (with Andrei Ghenciu, University of Wisconsin, and Sara Munday, John Cabot University), Journal of Number Theory, 175 (2017), 223–249.

2. Conformal graph directed Markov systems: beyond finite irreducibility (with Andrei Ghenciu, University of Wisconsin, andDan Mauldin, University of North Texas), Journal of Fractal Geometry, 3 (3) (2016), 217–243.

3. Bowen’s formula for shift-generated finite conformal recursive constructions (with Andrei Ghenciu, University of Wisconsin), Real Analysis Exchange, 40 (1) (2015), 99–112.

4. Gibbs states for non-irreducible countable Markov shifts (with Andrei Ghenciu, University of Wisconsin), Fundamenta Mathematicae, 221 (3) (2013), 231–265.

5. A new variation of Bowen’s formula for graph directed Markov systems, Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems — Series A, 32 (7) (2012), 2533–2551.

My Erdòs number is 2.


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