Emily Laxer


My research areas include political sociology; immigration, race & ethnicity; citizenship & nationalism; and gender. In a recent study, I examined the impact of party political debates over Islamic religious coverings in shaping the boundaries of nationhood in France and Canada (including Québec).  My book on this subject – Unveiling the Nation: The Politics of Secularism in France and Québec – was published by McGill-Queen’s University Press in 2019.  My present research focuses on representations of the rule of law by past and present populist politicians in Canada.

Political Sociology; Immigration, Race & Ethnicity, Citizenship & Nationalism; Gender

Doctor of Philosophy (Sociology), University of Toronto

Master of Arts (Sociology), McGill University


Laxer, Emily.  2019. Unveiling the Nation: The Politics of Secularism in France and Québec. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press

Journal Articles

Laxer, Emily, Jeffrey Reitz, and Patrick Simon. Online, 2019. “Do National Integration Discourses Affect Muslims’ Civic and Political Incorporation?  A Comparison of France, Canada, and Québec”. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

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Laxer, Emily, Rachael D. Carson and Anna C. Korteweg. 2014. “Articulating Minority Nationhood: Cultural and Political Dimensions in Québec’s Reasonable Accommodation Debate”. Nations and Nationalism20(1): 133-153.

Laxer, Emily. 2013. “Integration Discourses and Generational Trajectories of Civic Participation in Multi-Nation States: A Comparison of the Canadian Provinces of Québec and Ontario”. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies39(10): 1577-1599.

Book Chapters

Laxer, Emily. 2017. “Gender Inequality and the Role of Power, Politics and Representation.” In Robert Brym, ed. Income Inequality and the Future of Canadian Society.  Toronto: Rock’s Mills Press.

Boyd, Monica and Emily Laxer. 2011. “Voting Across Immigrant Generations”. In Lorne Tepperman and Angela Kalyta (eds). ReadingSociology.  Toronto: Oxford Press.

Other Publications

Laxer, Emily. 2019.  Review of Politicizing Islam: The Islamic Revival in France and India by Z. Fareen Parvez. Social Forces, Online May 14.

Laxer, Emily. 2017. Review of Veiled Threats: Representing the Muslim Woman in Public Policy Discoursesby Naaz Rashid. Gender & Society31(3): 424-426.