Scott Cawfield

Course Director

Business Economics


-Course Director in Business Economics -Trained in Accounting and Economics -Teaching approach: conceptual and experiential learning -Research interests: Case studies in Business; Macroeconomic theory and policy - Published: two brief books in Accounting; one in Microeconomic Principles

In Business Economics, case studies dealing with business strategy and issues.  Author of case studies on McDonald's, Tim Hortons, Ethical Farming, WestJet Airlines and Air Canada, Uber and Urban Transportation Issues

Course work, U of T
University of Toronto


A Student Success Manual for Accounting; McGraw Hill Ryerson, 2001 . A Problem-Solving Approach to Accounting; Wiley, 2001 . Microeconomic Principles with S. Ball ; Pearson Education, 2001 . Canadian Business and its Environments: A Book of Readings; York University, 2014 . Case Studies in Business Administration, 2015   

Book Chapters

A Chapter on Case Study Method for Nelson's Maple Leaf Series of Case Studies 

Glendon grant for research on Case Studies in Business Administration