Glendon Students wishing to enrol at another university and transfer credits towards a York degree must apply for, and be granted, a Letter of Permission from the Glendon Office of Academic Services before enrolling at the other university. Students should submit Letter of Permission request with course descriptions to the appropriate departmental office and return the completed form to the Glendon Office of Academic Services.

Conditions for a Letter of Permission for Non-York University Courses

General Notes

  • Students are responsible for making their own application for admission to the university indicated in this Letter of Permission. Applications should be accompanied by one copy of this form.
  • Processing of request for a Letter of Permission normally takes 3 to 5 business days once the application is received by the office of Academic Services.
  • The host institution governs Letter of Permission application deadlines.


  1. If a student does not register for the course(s) or if they do not complete the approved course(s), the student must provide the Office of Academic Services with documentation from the host institution declaring that:
    a.The student did not register at that institution; or
    b.The student withdrew from the course(s) without academic penalty.
  2. Courses (including grades) taken at the host institution are not listed on York University transcripts and grades are not included in the calculation of the York grade point average.
  3. Students are responsible for ensuring that they do not repeat courses already passed.
  4. A Letter of Permission will not be issued to a student proceeding with an academic warning (on probation). If a student receives an academic warning, or is ineligible to proceed at the conclusion of the current session, the Letter of Permission will be rescinded.
  5. Credit is granted for courses successfully completed with a final grade equivalent to at least a “C” (60%).
  6. Students may enrol in a maximum of 12 credits in a Summer session and 33 credits in a Fall/Winter session, including courses taken on a Letter of Permission.

How to complete this form

Students must return the form along with course descriptions and a non-refundable fee of $50 payable with cash or credit card. The package can be returned to Academic Services, York Hall C102, scanned and emailed to, or submitted online using the online submission form below.

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