Ian Roberge

co-Interim Principal

Associate Principal, Academic

Associate Professor

Political Science

   Glendon Hall 220

As an alumnus of Glendon, I am proud to serve as co-Interim Principal. Glendon students are bright and dedicated. Glendon is a great place to learn. As co-Principal, I work hard with my colleagues across the Faculty to build and offer a great university education. I look forward to meeting you.

European Union
Financial and Monetary Systems
Law, Justice and Crime
Politics and Government
Regional Integration and Free-Trade

McMaster University
Concordia University

Politics and government; International relations, development and trade; Canadian and comparative public policy; public administration.

I am interested in public administration and public policy. My main area of research is financial services sector policy, supervision and regulation. I am also interested in the politics of organized and transnational organized crime, including AML/TF policies. 


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Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

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Other Publications

Journal Issue Edited : Jesuit, David K., Ian Roberge. 2012. ‘Making Public Management Work in the Global Economy.’ International Journal of Public Sector Management 25 (6-7). 

2016-2019 SSHRC Insight Grant, Co-Applicant

2011 SSHRC Aid to Research Workshops and Conferences, Co-Applicant 

2010 SSHRH IOF, Principal Investigator