Kenneth H McRoberts


Political Science

Director, School of Public and International Affairs

Language and Society

Official Languages in Canada

Politics and Government



University of Chicago


University of Chicago

Research Interests Keywords

language and society; official languages in Canada; politics and government; Quebec.


  •  2004: Officer, Order of the Academic Palms, Government of France
  • 1985: Royal Commission on the Economic Union and Development Prospects for Canada: for preparation of "Unilateralism, Bilateralism and Multilateralism", research study
  • 1989: Ontario Arts Council: to support preparation of Breaking the Impasse
  • 1986: Ontario Arts Council: to support the preparation of the third edition of Quebec: Social and Political Crisis.
  • 1985: SSHRC Research Grant: "Business, Labour and the State in Ontario and Quebec: Taxation and Industrial Relations Policy, 1960-1985," (with other collaborator)
  • 1980: SSHRC Research Grant: "Patterns of Public Finance in Ontario and Quebec, 1950-1980," (with other collaborator)

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Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

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