Shirin Shahrokni

Shirin Shahrokni is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at York University's Glendon Campus. She holds a PhD in Sociology from Cambridge University and a Master's from McGill University. Prior to coming to York, she held a post-doctoral fellowship at the INED, National Institute for Demographic Studies in Paris and was a teaching instructor at Sciences-Po Paris. Her work examines identity negotiation processes, educational and professional trajectories as well as issues of racism and discrimination in the lives of immigrants and their children.

Doctor of Philosophy, Sociology, University of Cambridge                                                  

PhD Dissertation Title: Injuries, Rewards and Promises of Intergenerational Educational Mobility from a Minority Perspective. School Success Narratives of Descendants of North African Immigrants in France.


Master of Arts, Sociology, McGill University                                           

Master’s Dissertation title: a sociological analysis of ethnic conflicts in post-colonial societies


Bachelor of Arts Sociology                             

McGill University

Journal Articles

Shahrokni, Shirin. 2018. The Collective Roots and Rewards of Upward Educational Mobility, British Journal of Sociology, doi: 10.1111/1468-4446.12349

Shahrokni, Shirin. 2017. The Transnational Career Aspirations of Descendants of Maghrebi, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies,

Shahrokni, Shirin. 2015. The Minority Culture of Mobility of Upwardly Mobile Descendants of North African Immigrants in France, Ethnic and Racial Studies, 38(7): 1050-1067

Shahrokni, Shirin.  2007. Identification transnationale chez les jeunes adultes iraniens de ‘seconde génération’ vivant à Montréal, Revue du Groupe de Recherche Diversité Urbaine pp. 69-85

Other Publications