Yann Allard-Tremblay


I specialize in political and social theory. I am particularly interested by democracy, political pluralism and indigenous peoples. I am  a member of the Huron-Wendat nation.

Postdoctorate: McGill University
Postdoctorate: Université de Montréal
PhD: St Andrews and Stirling
MA: Université de Montréal
BA: Université de Montréal

Journal Articles

2017. “The Differentiation of citizenship; from negotiated differences to corrupted liability”. Politics, Groups, and Identities. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/21565503.2017.1354038

2016. “Divide and Rule Better; on Subsidiarity, Legitimacy and the Epistemic Aim of Political Decision-Making”. Journal of Applied Philosophy. doi: 10.1111/japp.12179

2015. “Trust and Distrust in the Achievement of Popular Control”. The Monist 98(4): 391-406.

2015. “Human Rights, Specification and Communities of Inquiry”. Global Constitutionalism 4(2): 254-287.

2014. “Political Corruption as Deformities of Truth”. Les Ateliers de l’éthique/The Ethics Forum 9(1) : 28-49.

2013. “Proceduralism, Judicial Review and the Refusal of Royal Assent”. Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 33(2): 379-400.

2013. “La Fonction constructive de la délibération; de l’accord à l’ajustement” (The Constructive Function of Deliberation; from Agreement to Trimming). Philosophiques 40(2): 321-349.

2012. “The Epistemic Edge of Majority Voting over Lottery Voting”. Res Publica 18(3): 207-223.

2015. Special issue of Les Ateliers de l’éthique/The Ethics Forum 10(2) on “Political Philosophy Below and Beyond the State”.“Introduction”: 60-64. Authored with Benoît Morissette.

Other Publications

Book reviews:

2015. “On the People's Terms: A Republican Theory and Model of Democracy”. Philosophical Quarterly 65(260): 559-561.

2015. “Truth and Democracy” by Elkins, J and Norris, A. (eds). ID: International Dialogue A Multidisciplinary Journal of World Affairs 5: 105-111.