Buddhika Bellana

Pronouns: he/il


   416-736-2100 x88358

Hello! My name is Buddhika.

My interests are centered around human memory and its neural bases. To learn more about my lab's research, please click the tabs below or visit my website.

**Note** Are you interested in studying human memory? I am accepting applications for graduate students to begin in September 2024!

Episodic memory

Spontaneous thought


Functional magnetic resonance imaging

Naturalistic experimental design


Postdoctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins University, USA

PhD in Psychology from the University of Toronto, CAN

BA in Psychology from York University, Glendon Campus, CAN

I'm interested in what makes an experience sticky?

In other words, why do some experiences give rise to lasting impressions  --  e.g., durable memories or recurrence in our spontaneous thoughts?

Do we have an affinity for some kinds of information (or ways of thinking) over others?

What might such an affinity tell us about the architecture of our memory system (and minds, overall) ?

Journal Articles

For an up-to-date list of publications, please visit my Google Scholar profile. 

Selected publications

Bellana, B., Mahabal, A., Honey, C. J. (2022). Narrative thinking lingers in spontaneous thought. Nature Communications. 13, 4585. [link]

Bellana, B., Mansour, R., Ladyka-Wojic, N., Grady, C.L. & Moscovitch, M. (2021). The influence of prior knowledge on the formation of detailed and durable memories. Journal of Memory and Language. 121, 104264. [link]

Lee, H., Bellana, B., & Chen, J. (2020). What can narratives tell us about the neural bases of human memory? Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences. 32, 111-119. [link]

Ramanan, S. & Bellana, B. (2019, commentary). A domain general role for the angular gyrus in retrieving internal representations of the external world. The Journal of Neuroscience, 39(16), 2978-2980. [link]

Brunec, I.K.*, Bellana, B.*, Ozubko, J.D., Man, V., Robin, J., Liu, Z-X., Grady, C.L., Rosenbaum, R.S., Winocur, G., Barense, M.D. & Moscovitch, M. (2018). Multiple scales of representation along the hippocampal anteroposterior axis in humans. Current Biology, 28(13), 2129-2135.e6  *Equal contributions [link]

Bellana, B.*, Liu, Z-X.*, Diamond, N., Grady, C.L. & Moscovitch, M. (2017). Similarities and differences in the default mode network across rest, retrieval and future imagining. Human Brain Mapping, 38(3): 1155-1171. *Equal contributions [link]