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50th Anniversary – Video Project


Dear Alumni,

2016 marks the 50th anniversary of Glendon College as the bilingual faculty of York University. The Glendon 50th Anniversary Committee is organizing a variety of programs and events to commemorate this historic milestone.

Here is one to which you can contribute directly right away.

We will be producing a video of memories from you. This will not be your typical video. Glendon alumnus Mark Terry (BA’80), an award-winning documentary film maker, has developed a multilinear documentary format presented on a Geographic Information System map of the world for our 50th anniversary year.

What this means is, regardless of where you live in the world, you can contribute a video memory to this project and it will be available for viewing on this online, interactive map.

All you have to do is sit in front of your laptop or mobile device and reminisce about your experiences at Glendon for three to five minutes. You may want to talk about what you’re doing now and how your time at Glendon prepared you for this. Perhaps there were professors, friends or events that had a significant influence on you – use your imagination.

Don’t worry about production quality – Mark says that all laptop and mobile device video technology is pretty much the same. All videos will look similar in quality. One important shooting tip to remember: have the source of light in front of you so it lights your face. If it’s behind you, you will be in a shadow. Unless you’re in the witness protection program, you’ll want to have people see your face in the video.

Begin each video with the following statement: “Hi, my name is (blank) and I graduated from Glendon in (year).” Or “Hi, my name is (blank) and I worked at/taught at Glendon from (year to year).” After that, tell your story. That’s it!

When it’s done, email it to Mark Terry at Please provide your address, wherever it might be in the world, so we can pinpoint your video on our interactive 50th anniversary map.

Here’s a sample of a video prepared by project coordinator Mark Terry:

Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you at our celebrations – either in person or online!


David Trick, BA’77, PhD
Chair, Glendon 50th Anniversary Committee



  • To view the video, click on the red pin.