Languages at Glendon

Languages set us apart.  They set our students apart too.

As Southern Ontario’s Centre of Excellence for French and Bilingual Postsecondary Education,  Glendon is committed to arming all students with skills in French (or English for Francophones).  Our graduates report that their language certification can be a key advantage in the workforce, where more jobs and more money often come to those who can work in both languages.

Juan and Francette, an anglophone and a francophone student, talk about bilingualism on campus.

About 30% of our students are Francophones from Canada, Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, and beyond who are studying in French and improving/maintaining their English.

A language boost:  jump-start your language learning with immersion opportunities outside the classroom.  All of our activities and services are available in both languages!

Interested in a third language?  Join the many Glendon students studying Spanish, or consider one of almost 20 language options at York’s Keele Campus.

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