Glendon ENtrepreneuriat et Innovation A L'international (GENIAL)


These undergraduate courses are offered by the Department of International Studies:

Introduction to Project Management (GL/ILST 2100)

This course examines the roles of projects in private and public organizations, project management methodology, project portfolio, project life cycle, project management structures, cross-cultural, leadership and technical skills. Experiential activities (Cases, projects, Microsoft Project software) are used to illustrate theoretical concepts and develop technical skills.

Social Enterprise Design: Creating Innovative Solutions and Blended Value to Solve Global issues (GL/ILST 4520)

This course introduces the theories/concepts of social entrepreneurship, social enterprise, social entrepreneur, and the social entrepreneurship process. Using design thinking methods, students are introduced to the processes of opportunity recognition and creation of blended value with innovative and sustainable solutions to local and global issues (poverty, health, education, climate change, food security, fair trade, etc.).

International Entrepreneurship (Coming soon)

Projet Entrepreneurial (GL/ILST 4320)

Ce cours porte sur les théories/concepts/méthodes associées à l’esprit entrepreneurial, aux équipes entrepreneuriales, opportunités entrepreneuriales et outils pour démarrer/opérer une entreprise à but lucratif/non lucratif. Il inclut la réalisation d’un projet entrepreneurial avec les ressources de l’incubateur d’entreprises de Glendon.