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Students who, prior to starting at Glendon, have attended an accredited postsecondary institution must arrange to have an official transcript of their records mailed directly to the Office of Admissions at York University.

Students who have successfully completed courses with a grade of C (60%) at another accredited postsecondary institution may be considered for transfer credits. Applicants presenting credentials from a CAAT may be eligible for advanced standing if they complete two full years of study with an average of 3.0.

Students transferring to Glendon with a Bachelor of Arts degree from another accredited postsecondary institution and wishing to obtain a York Honours degree through Glendon must complete a program which meets the following conditions: completion of a minimum of 30 new credits at York, including at least 50 per cent of the credits required in their major and minor within the Faculty of Glendon. In addition to the above, students must also satisfy any further requirements of the major/minor department(s).

Courses taken at an accredited postsecondary institution other than York may be credited as courses taken and passed, provided that a grade of C (60 %) or better is obtained. Actual grades will not be included in the cumulative averages. Transcripts should be submitted to the Office of Academic Services.

Credit for courses taken at other York Faculties is granted on the same basis as for courses taken at Glendon.

In rare circumstances, revised transfer credit statements are issued for students who changed their Faculty or Degree after being admitted to York. (This excludes the transfer from the Faculties of Arts and Atkinson to the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies and the Faculty of Science.)

If you were granted transfer credits at the point of admission, first check via Student Document Services.

If you’re unable to access your transfer credit statement,  please access your statement here.