Canada 150 Conference

September 29, 2017 – September 30, 2017 all-day
Centre of Excellence
Glendon Campus
2275 Bayview Avenue, Toronto

Canada 150 Conference Banner

In recognition of the 150th anniversary of Canada, this conference will examine our nation’s constitutional development in light of the changes in Canadian society and economy and challenges to the nation presented by new information technology, global mobility and need to respond to and ameliorate global warming.  The conference will identify challenges facing Canada’s public government and suggest improvements within the organic life of the Constitution that will enhance national capacity, confirm national self-determination and renew national commitment to stability, justice, respect and inclusion.

The conference will be organized around three main themes:

  • recognizing foundational values and constitutionalism;
  • improving democratic governance and
  • strengthening public policy processes. Central to these themes are the strengths and limitations of the conventions and practices that have evolved in the operation of the Constitution.

It is expected that each panel include an historical perspective and the linkages between the past, the present and the emerging state environment. The conference will engage scholars, practitioners, civil society representatives and students in assessing the challenges facing the nation and will suggest changes in processes, structures and foundational commitments that will improve our ability to continue as a successful nation and a good state.