Glendon’s ITS Team Named Winner of the 2017 Harriet Lewis Team Award for Excellence

As part of York University’s commitment to fostering employee engagement and recognizing excellence, the University celebrates the achievements of its dedicated staff each year through the President’s Staff Recognition Awards. 

This year, the Glendon Campus Information Technology Services was named 2017 winner of the Harriet Lewis Team Award for Service Excellence.  This award recognizes a team’s excellence in service and support to students, faculty, staff and/or other service users and its promotion of the York spirit in terms of imagination, creativity, innovation and redefining the possible in service to York’s community (internal or external).

“This award is an external confirmation of what we knew all along,” said Donald Ipperciel, Principal of the Glendon Campus. “That is, that Glendon ITS is the best team around. Whether in innovation and tool development, user-focused service delivery, faculty, staff and student training, or any other IT-related services, Glendon ITS is incomparable.”

Congratulations to the following Glendon ITS team members who have been formally recognized for their outstanding achievements:

  • Aladin Alaily, Director, Information Technology Services, Glendon Campus
  • Duncan Appleton, Media Technologist, Information Technology Services, Glendon Campus
  • Kevin James Friedberg, Operations and Events Technician, Information Technology Services, Glendon Campus
  • Mireille Kasembe Nyindu, Administrative Coordinator, Information Technology Services, Glendon Campus
  • Luc Mallet, Systems Administrator, Glendon Information Technology Services
  • Johanna Parrales, Web Programmer, Glendon Information Technology Services
  • Patrick Thibaudeau, Manager, Information Systems & Technology Enhanced Learning, Information Technology Services, Glendon Campus

Acknowledgements as well to the following members who are an integral part of the Glendon ITS team:

  • Suran Fernando, Helpdesk Technician
  • Jed Misiek, Helpdesk Technician

All winners of the President’s Staff Recognition Awards will be honoured, and their achievements celebrated, at an awards dinner on May 2, 2018.