A message from Glendon Interim Principal, Ian Roberge

Dear graduates,

Convocation is one of the most significant events of the academic year.  It is an unforgettable moment for our graduating students, as well as for the institution as a whole. I was truly hoping I could give these remarks to you in person, as we’ve done for the many Glendon graduates before you. The pandemic, however, has forced us to be creative and think outside the box this year.

These last few months have not been easy. As students, you have faced unique challenges. Through it all, I am proud of the strength and resilience you have shown since this began. What you were able to accomplish in these very unusual times was no small feat and should be recognized.

Savour and embrace those feelings of joy, happiness, and fulfillment. You’re the Class of 2020 after all! We may not be celebrating graduation the way we were expecting to, but we found creative ways to celebrate your graduation nevertheless. The pride and delight you feel at having completed this phase of your lives reminds us of our purpose and recognizes the efforts made to provide that distinctive Glendon experience.

Glendon was founded over 50 years ago. The mission of the time remains relevant today: to prepare the leaders of tomorrow in the public, private and social spheres. As a bilingual institution providing education in the liberal arts, our goal is to develop responsible citizens who are able to work in both of the country’s official languages – citizens who are ready and willing to make a difference in their communities.

As citizens, we need to listen to each other, to learn from one another, to think, to respect each one – we need civil stewardship. To put it simply, we need a world that is ever-more human. We’ve seen many examples of that these last few months as our communities have banded together to flatten the curve. The liberal arts, I believe, are essential for an engaged citizenry.

As a Glendon graduate myself, I believe this is an institution and a community that allows for creative and curious minds to be challenged and to grow. It has indeed been an honour and a privilege to have served as Interim Principal this past year.

This graduation celebration honours our Glendon graduates. There are almost 300 students receiving degrees this spring, at the undergraduate, Master’s and PhD levels.

Many student leaders, top scholars and other outstanding performances are outlined below. 

We mark this pivotal milestone with all Glendon graduates. We recognize the years of tenacity, hard work and dedication it took to find yourselves here. The countless hours of studying, research, peer mentorship, and helpful guidance from faculty and staff, have culminated in this very moment. It is your success, and we are so happy to have played a small part in helping you reach this day.

 Many of you have overcome barriers to be able to graduate. You have done so with the support and help of family members, friends and partners. I wish to thank them for their contributions.

When you continue your journey onwards, whether locally or globally, you will each choose your own unique path. As you carve out many more incredible successes, remember to value what you are doing, be passionate in what you do, and be that person who inspires others.

You are also entering a new phase in your relationship with Glendon today. Welcome to the family of over 17,000 campus alumni who have made their mark in every profession imaginable. As graduates, you are part of our heritage, and you are Glendon ambassadors; your successes reflect our capacity as an academic institution! Graduation introduces you to the Glendon “lifetime” community. I therefore invite you to come back often, to join our multiple networks of graduates, and to participate in our events. You will always be here at home.

Félicitations ! Congratulations!


Ian Roberge, Interim Principal

Awards Recipients

Glendon Campus has created over 25 awards to celebrate students graduating from undergraduate studies each year. These awards offer the opportunity to recognize and celebrate students for the impact they’ve made within and outside of Glendon’s community.


Thank you, Glendon grads: 

  • For your outstanding engagement, contributions made and leadership shown in your communities; 
  • For the resilience you’ve continued to build in your time here; 
  • For the commitment you’ve shown to your continued development, in your academic pursuits and in other areas of campus life at Glendon 

A special note of congratulations to Megan Schwegel and James Addis who have each received a Governor General’s Silver Medal this year!  

Provided to top students in their program of study in recognition of their demonstrated excellence and academic achievement.


Biology Book Prize, Glendon 

Megan Schwegel 

Business Economics Department Book Prize – Glendon 

Erogu Otasowie 

Scott Cawfield Prize in Business Economics 

Erogu Otasowie 

Canadian Studies Departmental Prize, Glendon 

Grace Dietrich 

Communications Book Prize, Glendon 

Mohamed Tiene 

Drama Studies Book Prize, Glendon 

Vincenzo Sansone 

Economics Departmental Prize, Glendon 

James Addis 
Joy Maiyo 

The Canadian Montessori Teacher Education Institute Scholarship (Bachelor of Education) 

Maryam Ahmed Nadeem  

English Department Prize, Glendon 

Natalie Somerset 

Professor Ian Martin Discipline of Teaching English as an International Language Book Prize 

Arreniya Anandakumar   

French Department Prize, Glendon 

Marine Sibileau 
Ania Staniszewski 
Gabriella Giordan 

Edgar McInnis Book Prize in North American History 

Andrea Gonzalez Polanco 

John Bruckmann Prize in European History 

Katarina Lupert 

International Studies Departmental Prize, Glendon 

Vincenzo Sansone 

Linguistics and Languages Studies Departmental Prize, Glendon 

Zach Langstroth 
Jason Harper 
Hannah Yaghmaei 

Department of Mathematics Prize, Glendon 

Kalysta Mejia-Torres 

Philosophy Department Prize, Glendon 

Amanda Sears 

Psychology Department Prize, Glendon 

Arjan Heir 
Natalie Pilla 
Ana Felisa Villegas 

Sociology Departmental Prize, Glendon 

Sabina Nyeck 

Translation Departmental Prize, Glendon 

Tess Foster