Intèrêts et spécialités de recherche :

 Acquisition d’une 5e ou 6e langue dans un contexte multilingue :

  • Acquisition of French by African adults who learned four or five languages in their childhood

Projets de recherche :

Multilinguisme et apprentissage du français L2
Principal Investigator: Aimé Avolonto, French Studies, Glendon College
Funding Agency: Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada.
Duration of project: April 2003-2006.
This project examines various dimensions of the acquisition of the morphosyntax of French by multilingual women in Benin, West Africa. These learners of French acquired several languages in their childhood and hence are learning French as a fourth or fifth language. The project examines the complex role of transfer from these learners’ native languages as well as the role of internal or universal processes.