Intérêts et spécialisté de recherche :

Variation et changement linguistique dans les langues en contact :

  • Translation effects as evidenced in contact-induced language change (English/Spanish, German/Turkish contact)

Contact linguistique et socio-culturel et théorie de la variation et du changement linguistique :

  • Reimagining language contact as exolingual interaction (interaction between speakers of different languages): Evidence from interpreter-mediated interaction

Alternances codiques :

  • Borrowing vs. single-item codeswitching: Language attribution of lexical items through script choice in Russian-English writing
  • Borrowing vs. single-item codeswitching: Evidence for language attribution of lexical items in interpreter-mediated interaction
  • Lexical cohesion in multilingual speech

Traduction :

  • Pragmatics of court interpreting

Langue et Identité

  • The bilingual identity of interpreters

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