Intérêts et spécialités de recherche


Projets de recherche :
2013 Publication grant, APSS (PAES) fro Villes en traduction, $ 8000

2013 Connections grant, SSHRC, International Workshop : Cities in Translation’ $22,134
2012-2017 Subvention de recherche, CRSH, ‘Cities at the edge of empire :Triest, Czernowitz’ $99,000.


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‘Urban cultures of central Europe’ originally appeared in Target 24:1 ( 2012), revised and reprinted as a chapter in the book ‘Known Unknowns of Translation Studies eds. Brems, Elke, Reine Meylaaerts and Luc van Doorslaer, John Benjamins 2014.

‘La rilevanza di genere nella teoria della traduzione: un appoccio diverso e deversificato’ in La traduzione femminista in Canada, a cura di Deobrah Saidero, Forum Editrice Udinese, Udine, 2-13, pp. 37-81. (Translation of Chapter 1, Gender in Translation)

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