Non-refundable registration fee ($275.00)

The registration fee will cover the costs of all administrative processes (excluding transcripts).
The registration fee is non-refundable.

Note: The registration fee is not covered by the bursary received from the Government of Canada.
Please see their website here.

Refundable security deposit ($200.00)

The security deposit ensures that Destination Clic participants will be held accountable to cover any of the damages or losses outlined below:

  • Any damages, lost property, or unnecessary service costs caused by a Destination Clic participant to the residence, classrooms, facilities and/or property of Glendon Campus, York University through neglect, accident or intent will be charged to the Destination Clic participant(s) involved.
  • Where two Destination Clic participants occupy the same room and responsibility for damage or loss in the room is attributed to both participants, the cost of damage or loss will be divided and assessed equally between the two bursary participants occupying the room. 
  • Where damage or loss occurs in the common areas of Glendon Campus, York University and the blame rests on the Destination Clic participants, the cost of damage or loss will be divided and assessed equally among all the Destination Clic participants, or those residing on specific floors, and deducted from their deposits if the assessed amount is less than $200.00 per student. If the amount exceeds $200.00, students will be billed for the difference. No issuing of final program certificate or transfer of files to other universities will be done until all moneys are collected.

Note: Payments can be made through credit card. The $200.00 security deposit will be refunded to the original credit card used for payment.

Security deposit will be returned to the original method of payment, providing no damages have occurred. Please allow 8 to 12 weeks post-program completion for refund processing. There will be no refund if the participant leaves before the end of the program and does not go through the check-out process.

Updated for the 2024 Sessions