This form is used to defer the date of a final exam or a final assignment.

Please Note: Students are not required to submit a doctor’s note or an Attending Physician’s Statement in support of requests for deferred standing for courses impacted by the COVID-19 situation.


  1. The professor and the student should arrange a date for the student to write the missed exam or submit the remaining workload.
  2. The student must have supporting documents for the reason of deferral.


Senate policy states: “normally requests for deferred standing must be communicated within one week following a missed examination or the last day to submit course work”. The period during which the University is officially closed for December holidays and statutory holidays is not counted in the determination of deadline days.

If a student misses the deadline for submitting a completed Final Exam/Assignment Deferred Agreement form, or if a course director does not agree to consider requests for deferred standing, students should meet with an advisor to discuss petitioning for deferred standing.

Petitions for deferred standing may not be successful.

Revised final grades are due to Academic Services by the dates below
Fall courses (F) April 1
Winter (W) and full year (Y) courses August 1
Summer courses 1st term: September 1
2nd term: October 1

Please refer to the York University Important Dates website for additional details.


Courses offered at the Glendon Campus

This form should be filled out and submitted to Academic Services, York Hall C102, or scanned an emailed to 

Courses offered at the Keele Campus

Please submit the form to the department offering the course. Please visit the York Deferred Standing page for further information.

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