Intèrêts et spécialités de recherche : Place names in a multilingual context. Place names replacement in a multilingual colonial context. Paleo-placenames in Atlantic Canada

Éducation bilingue / multilingue et en langue minoritaire :

  •   Development of a Mi’kmaq cultural encyclopaedia

Maintien des langues minoritaires :

  •   The Mi’kmaq language in Eastern Canada

Écologie du langage :

  •   Relationship between language, landscape and worldviews

Les langues menacées :

  •   Archiving endangered languages

Planification langagière :

  •   Endangered language planning a trilingual context

Acquisition des langues minoritaires :

  •   Acquisition of Mi’kmaq

Projets de recherche :

Prehistorical place names in the context of language contacts. This on-going project is based on the methodology of « paleolinguistics ». Its aim is to assess the length and magnitude of prehistoric language contacts between Eastern Algonquians and their predecessors on the territory. It also aims at assessing
the importance of prehistoric place names loss and replacement by European place names.

Publications :
No publications yet, but several presentations, including at the Canadian Association for the Study of Naming (2-12), Dialog Symposium (Montreal 2013), Algonquian Conference (Ottawa 20130 and forthcoming panel organized by Commission de toponymie du Québec (Québec City, June 5th, 2014).