Intérêts et spécialités de recherche

Acquisition et pédagogie des langues secondes :
the use of a portfolio to customize SLA, to define and document progress
the development of writing skills in the second language
metaphors of language learning
Issues of identity for SL learners
learner motivation
the role of technologies
language-learning for specific purposes

Projets de recherche :

I have conducted research into second language acquisition, in particular the development of writing skills in the second language, the metaphors of language learning and the use of a portfolio for language learning. This research and my language teaching have dovetailed with my past work as academic coordinator of York’s Multimedia Language Centre. Most recently, I have been involved with language colleagues in an exploration of service learning in the Department of French Studies and in an initiative to offer a third-year language course with an experience abroad (e.g. in France) as a component of the course. Publications Beelen-Woody, Diane. (2006). L’apprenant du français langue seconde face aux outils et ressources de l’Internet: le cas de l’étudiant au niveau avancé dans le contexte universitaire, La Revue de l’AQEFLS (Revue de l’Association québécoise de l’enseignement du français langue seconde), vol. 26, no. 1, 9-23, special issue, Internet et multimédia en classe de français langue seconde. Bilans et perspectives edited by Marilyn Lambert-Drache. Beelen-Woody, Diane. (2004). Language Program Articulation from the Perspective of the Learner: Constructing Coherence through the Use of a Language-Learning Portfolio, in Language Program Articulation: Developing a Theoretical Foundation, edited by Cathy Barrette and Kate Paesani, Heinle and Heinle, 131-148. Beelen-Woody, Diane. (2003) An Academic Coordinator’s Dream for the Language Lab: Ideals of Pedagogical /Technological Literacy in L2 Instructors.? The IALLT Journal of Language Learning Technologies (International Association for Language Learning Technology), 35, 2: 31-64. Beelen-Woody, Diane. (2000). Language for Special Purposes: Rewards and Frustrations.? In Perspectives in Foreign Language Teaching: Proceedings of the 23rd Annual Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Youngstown, Ohio: Youngstown State Press, 77-87.