Research Interests and Specialties

Second language acquisition (SLA) and pedagogy

  • the use of a portfolio to customize SLA, to define and document progress
  • the development of writing skills in the second language
  • metaphors of language learning
  • Issues of identity for SL learners
  • learner motivation
  • the role of technologies
  • language-learning for specific purposes

Research Projects

I have conducted research into second language acquisition, in particular the development of writing skills in the second language, the metaphors of language learning and the use of a portfolio for language learning. This research and my language teaching have dovetailed with my past work as academic coordinator of York’s Multimedia Language Centre. Most recently, I have been involved with language colleagues in an exploration of service learning in the Department of French Studies and in an initiative to offer a third-year language course with an experience abroad (e.g. in France) as a component of the course.


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