L’Amicale francophone de York was created in Spring 2022 by a group of francophone York faculty members. It is an informal academic network for researchers conducting projects in French at York University, including for graduate students. L’Amicale is a peer support group for members to share information on research opportunities in French, consolidate their research networks, and find support to advocate for a better research environment in French at York. 

If you are interested in joining L’Amicale, please email us at


Bulletins and News

Members Directory


  • Aurelia Klimkiewicz
  • Catherine Lamaison 
  • Christine Besnard 
  • Chrystal Smith 
  • Colin Coates 
  • Faustin Zacharie Ntoubandi 
  • Fiona Patterson 
  • Francis Garon 
  • Georges JD Moyal 
  • Gertrude Mianda 
  • Jean Michel Montsion 
  • Lyse Hebert 
  • Marc Lesage 
  • Marie Elaine Lebel
  • Marion Valencia 
  • Muriel Péguret 
  • Philippe Theophanidis 
  • Prisca Ng How Tseung 
  • Rania Aoun 
  • Sandra-Maria Dibo-Amany 
  • Shirin Shahrokni 
  • Swann Paradis 
  • Sylvie J Rosienski-Pellerin 
  • Usha A. Viswanathan 


  • Alissa Novitchkova 
  • Amelie Barras 
  • Audrey Laurin-Lamothe 
  • Deborah J. Neill 
  • Fanny Teissandier 
  • Isabella Huberman 
  • Julie Vig 
  • Marcel Martel 
  • Margaret E. Schotte 
  • Merouan Mekouar 
  • Samuel de Brouwer 

Faculty of Environmental & Urban Change (EUC)

  • Andil Gosine
  • Genevieve Minville
  • Jennifer Foster 
  • Liette Gilbert


  • Christo El Morr 
  • Emilie Roudier 
  • Mathieu Poirier 
  • Olivier Birot 


  • Patrick Molicard-Chartier 
  • Pierre-Andre Lesbats 
  • Satinder Brar 


  • Diane Kolin 
  • Sophie Bisson 


  • Jude Dzevela Kong
  • Sylvie Morin 


  • Leigh Jackson


  • Élise Hurtubise-Loranger

Teaching Commons

  • Geneviève Maheux-Pelletier