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Brian Morgan

English Department- Glendon

Senior Scholar

Brian Morgan presents the Center for Applied Linguistics in Washington, DC



Stéphane Couture

Assistant Professor

Communication and Technology | School of Translation

Françoise & Raymond Mougeon

Senior Scholars

French Studies



Dorin V Uritescu


French Studies Linguistics and Language Studies


Maria Constanza Guzman

Associate Professor

School of Translations and Hispanic Studies


Philipp Angermeyer

Associate Professor

Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics

A webography Illustrating Language Contact

(Graduate students’ editorial initiative)

The project consists in creating a multimedia database on the theme of Language Contact. The data collected on the internet and classified by themes is the base for lead group discussions on topics unveiled by the webography.

The webography provides short descriptions of the mini-clips (video and audio) classified under the following sub-themes:
Language diversity
Bilingual education
Linguistic variation
Language change
Language domination
Politics and language contact
Languages, dialects, pidgins and creoles
Language and Immigration
Language endangerment  

Group Discussions Illustrating Diversity in Language Contact

Graduate students’ editorial initiative

The project consists in creating a concrete illustration of what language contact means through the representations of speakers. It provides lead group discussions where the participants are asked to react to documents, and to questions prepared by the moderator in order to help the group reflection progress. These discussions will be filmed and recorded to produce, as a final product, mini clips and short audio recordings.
Enseignement du français et bilinguisme au Canada
Future of endangered languages



Lectures 2013- 2014

France Daigle
Dominique Wolton
Roundtable, Translation, Writing and Memory Podcast
Holly Mikkelson Podcast


Lectures 2012- 2013

Bill Downes Podcast
Barbara Burnaby Podcast
Robert Bayley Podcast
Raymond and Françoise Mougeon Podcast
Shodja Eddin Ziaïan Podcast
Artic Council and ICC Project Podcast
Alfredo Modenessi Podcast
Mirela Cherciov

Lectures 2011- 2012

Martin Boyd   Podcast
Danielle Cyr  Podcast
Cécile Vigouroux  Podcast
Emmanuel Nkurunzia   Podcast
Virginie Symamiec  Podcast
Round table: Rodrigue Landry, Françoise Mougeon, Raymond Mougeon Podcast


Graduate students of the school of translation

2012 Conference


Canada Knowledge Exchange

Ruberval Maciel, Karla Costa UEMS APLIEMS Brazil
Roseanne Tavares UFAL, Brazil Canada Knowledge Exchange