Welcome to the website of the Centre for Research on Language and Culture Contact, the bilingual research unit of Glendon College, York University.The main goal of the CRLCC is to foster innovative and collaborative interdisciplinary research on language and language- related areas among its members across academic and research units. We recognize the sociopolitical relevance of language-related research in a multilingual and multicultural country such as Canada and in the context of increased internationalization. The CRLCC aims to play a key role in nurturing and promoting research in this important area, and in so doing enhance recognition of the field and its key role in broader discussions about language and culture within and beyond Glendon College and York University.

The CRLCC  offers a space where emerging and well-established researchers have a variety of opportunities to become acquainted with each other’s work, with the work of international visiting researchers, and more generally with research on language and culture contact in the wider community. The CRLCC’s opportunities and resources include: a) lectures, workshops and conferences; b) an online database of publications and media; c) space (a classroom with a small specialized library and a computer lab). York and Glendon scholars, associate members and student members are encouraged to learn about and become involved in the various and ongoing CRLCC activities and initiatives (e.g., research, editorial, events).

Our researchers explain their work and why it matters

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Featured News

Associate member, Professor Shana Poplack (Linguistics Department, University of Ottawa) has just published “Borrowing: Loanwords in the Speech Community and in the Grammar”
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Glendon endorses historic Truth & Reconciliation Declaration on Indigenous Language Policy

On January 27, Glendon’s Faculty Council voted unanimously to “endorse and adopt the principles” of the Glendon Declaration.

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Canadian Language Museum at Glendon

The Canadian Language Museum was established in 2011 to promote an appreciation of all of the languages spoken in Canada and of their role in the development of this nation. Few countries can match Canada’s rich and varied language heritage, which includes Indigenous languages from coast to coast, the official languages of French and English and their regional dialects, and the many languages brought to this country by more recent immigrants.

Elaine Gold director of the Canadian Language Museum talks to us about the museum’s projects and future projects and exhibits. Watch the video here

CRLCC Newsletter 

This academic year marked the tenth anniversary of the Centre for Research on
Language and Culture Contact (CRLCC). It was a special opportunity to bring together current and new members for a number of events. Read the CRLCC Newsletter 2017 here.