Acquisition of a 5th or 6th language in a multilingual context

Acquisition of French by African adults who learned four or five languages in their childhood: Aimé Avolonto

Acquisition of minority languages

Acquisition of Mi’kmaq: Danielle E. Cyr

Contrastive linguistics

Spanish versus other Romance languages: Jerzy Kowal

Dialect contact and mixing

Comparative historical work on the Mambiloid languages: Bruce Connell
dialect contact and mixing among Spanish-speaking communities in Toronto: Michol Hoffman
Dialect mixing in an urban setting: Koinezation in the city of Arad, Crisana, Romania: Dorin Uritescu

Integrating socio-cultural and linguistic contact into a theory of linguistic variation and change

Acts of identity in Toronto Spanish: Michol Hoffmann
Socio-cultural and ethnic identity and varieties of Toronto English: Michol Hoffman
Geolinguistic variation, linguistic distance and socio-cultural contact: Sheila Embleton, Dorin Uritescu and Eric Wheeler
Pidgin and creole genesis in relation to contact-induced language change: Ian Smith
Socio-cultural identity and linguistic change: Towards an historical model of phonological change: Dorin Uritescu
Contact-induced discontinuity in the evolution of Romance languages at the level of phonological ‘form’: Dorin Uritescu

Language ecology

Endangered languages in Africa: Bruce Connell
Relationship between language, landscape and worldviews: Danielle E. Cyr

Language endangerment

Documentation techniques: Bruce Connell

Causes of endangerment: Bruce Connell

Archiving endangered languages: Danielle E. Cyr

Kugu Nganhcara at Aurukun (Cape York Peninsula, Australia): Ian Smith

Spanish as a Global Language: Jerzy Kowal

Spanish in the Canadian Linguistic Landscape: Jerzy Kowal

Language planning

Endangered language planning a trilingual Context: Danielle E. Cyr
Canada, Quebec and Catalonia: Kenneth McRoberts
Canada and Quebec: Marcel Martel
Language planning in the Seychelles: Marilyn Lambert-Drache

Language and health care

The role of language in health care delivery to linguistic minorities: Françoise Boudreau

Language and technology

Digitization and language use in multicultural settings:Heather Lotherington

Language and technology mediation in cross-cultural interactions: Dominique Scheffel-Dunand

Linguistic and cultural impact of the development of Internet in Francophone countries: Marilyn Lambert-Drache

Linguistic description of pidgins and creoles

Sri Lanka Portuguese: Ian Smith
Sri Lanka Malay: Ian Smith
French-based creoles in the Caribbean (Martinique, Guadeloupe, Haiti): Marilyn Lambert-Drache
English and English-based creoles in the Caribbean (Bequia, St Vincent and the Grenadines): James Walker

Chavacano (Philippines) / Palenquero (Colombia): Jerzy Kowal

Linguistic variation and change in contact languages

Languages of the Mambila (Cameroon): Bruce Connell
Language contact and grammatical theory: Ruth King
Acadian French, in particular Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island varieties
French in P.E.I. and Newfoundland: Ruth King
Romance Languages in America: Jerzy Kowal
Spanish-English contact in Toronto: Michol Hoffmann
Contact among varieties of Spanish in Toronto: Michol Hoffmann
Language and ethnicity in Toronto English: Michol Hoffmann
French in Ontario: Françoise Mougeon, Raymond Mougeon, Dorin Uritescu
Sourashtra (Tamil Nadu Gujarati) in south India: Ian Smith Kugu Muminh at Aurukun (Cape York Peninsula, Australia): Ian Smith
Contact languages in Africa (Sango in the Central African Republic): James Walker

Minority language maintenance

French in Ontario: Raymond Mougeon
Swedish and other minority languages in Finland: Sheila Embleton
Spanish in Toronto: Michol Hoffmann
The Mi’kmaq language in Eastern Canada: Danielle E. Cyr
Inuktitut in Nunavut: Ian Martin
Maintenance of minority languages in Africa: Bruce Connell

Comparative Indigenous Language Policy in the Americas : Ian Martin
Indigenous Language Policies in Canada and Bill C-91 : Ian Martin

Multilingual/bilingual/minority language education

Teaching of French in French immersion programs: Françoise Mougeon; Raymond Mougeon;
Teaching of French in Franco-Ontarian schools: Raymond Mougeon
Development of a Mi’kmaq cultural encyclopaedia: Danielle E. Cyr
Bilingual education policy in Nunavut: Ian Martin
Multilingual education and multiliteracies: Heather Lotherington; Sandra Schecter; John Ippolito.
Multilingual education: Heather Lotherington
Language socialization in bilingual communities: Sandra Schecter

Second language acquisition (SLA) and pedagogy

Interlanguage pragmatics, SLA and computer-mediated communication: Dominique Scheffel Dunand
Acquisition of sociolinguistic competence by French immersion students: Françoise Mougeon, Raymond Mougeon, Katherine Rehner
Acquisition of aspects of English by bonobo apes: Jim Benson Reading and SLA: Carol Fraser
Teaching grammar with new technologies: Jerzy Kowal
Ecological approaches to language teaching and learning: Rosalind Gill
The cognitive dimension of SLA: Christine Besnard;SLA and exceptional learners: Advantages of SLA for such learners, challenges faced and accommodations required: Christine Besnard
Vygotskian psycholinguistic theory and its impact on SLA by regular and exceptional learners: Christine Besnard
The application of linguistic theory to second language: David Mendelsohn
The use of a portfolio to customize SLA, to define and document progress: Diane Beelen-Woody
Issues of identity for SL learners: Diane Beelen-Woody; Rosalind Gill
SL Pedagogy: David Mendelsohn, Michol Hoffman
Mutiliteracies: Heather Lotherington
SLA: David Mendelsohn


Linguistic aspects of knowledge transfer: Candace Séguinot
Political and socio-cultural contexts of translation in multilingual contexts: Sherry Simon
Communication in linguistically-divided urban settings: Sherry Simon