USMB Program


The USMB program is a 7-week exchange program, taking place in Chambéry, France. This program developed by Glendon and Savoie Mont-Blanc University, offers you a unique experience where you will have the opportunity to complete a work placement and language training in Chambéry. You will be able to strengthen your level of French and acquire an extraordinary intercultural and professional experience.

This program has 12 spots available: 8 to 10 students will be assigned to work in elementary school or college in the region’s Emile bilingual network. Up to 4 other students will have access to a professional work placement in communication, marketing, administration or finance.

During your stay, you will be able to claim 3 credits through the French course at the University of Chambéry and 3 additional credits for the unpaid work placement. During the professional work placement in (primary school or college), you will be surrounded by teachers to familiarize yourself with the French education system. You will also be able to contribute your knowledge of English to these institutions. Internships outside of school or college will be under the supervision of the host organization.


During your stay in Chambéry, you will have the choice of renting a room in a university residence or renting a room in an apartment.

Registration Period

The program will take place during the summer session from May to June 2020. To participate, please apply to the program between December 1 to December 20, 2019. The candidates will be selected between Juanuary 10-30th, 2019. You will also have access to more information on the progress of the program during the information session on November 26th, 2019.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to combine a work placement, strengthening of your level of French, and an intercultural experience.

The USMB program is looking for students:


  • In French studies with a level B1 in French and having validated the course FRAN 2800 (or the course 1835 but with the requirement of a language level assessment)
  • Having taken a course in French FRAN 1200 and having a B1 level in French.