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Ukraine, Putin, and the Impact on International Security – with Susan Pond

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    General Background

    Canada is reexamining its role in global affairs, with an orientation toward collaborative, consultative policy making with Canadian experts and practitioners. This provides Canada with a unique opportunity to establish leadership in key priority areas of global affairs, as well as to leverage Canadian scholarship, business and innovation to effectively pursue our interests internationally.

    As a bilingual and francophone institution in the heart of Toronto, Glendon is uniquely positioned to support the Government of Canada in a forward-looking assessment of Canada’s role in global affairs. The Global Debates will enhance the public debate on Canada’s role in global affairs and prepare the next generation of highly skilled public servants. As well, the Global Debates will provide a forum for frank discussions on Canada’s role in the world through a series of discussions, relying on youth-centred, innovative approaches to contemporary global issues.

    This initiative builds on the Glendon School of Public and International Affairs’ (GSPIAs) program that focuses among other on global issues and trends, through a forward-looking agenda to the year 2020 and beyond. Canada’s current reorientation towards a new multilateralism provides an exceptional opportunity to set a foreign policy agenda that will allow Canada to leverage its domestic expertise and international capabilities to effectively position itself as a leading actor on contemporary global issues.


    The GGD dialogues aim to promote participatory dialogue between: government officials (federal, provincial, municipal), academics, practitioners, media, private sector, civil society organizations, students and the diplomatic community and UN officials, in support of identifying approaches, opportunities for Canada and our partners in current global challenges.

    These dialogues and related contributions will be shared with broader policy communities, including Government of Canada, international organizations, the UN, and it will be incorporated into the future academic programming of Glendon. The events will serve to validate the ongoing foreign policy consultations and formulate recommendations for a way forward. 


    To establish an innovative and youth-centred dialogue for expert insight and collaborative, multi-stakeholder problem solving on emerging challenges and trends in foreign policy, which will:

    1. impact Canada’s foreign policy agenda, and those of our partners; and
    2. incorporate global ideas into GSPIA programming.