The purpose of the Capstone seminar is to synthesize, integrate and apply the knowledge acquired in the MPIA program and through experiential learning opportunities.

The core of the course will consist of a specific policy analysis exercise that will provide students with an opportunity to contribute to the production of information, analysis, insight and recommendations in a particular policy area that they will have identified as deserving concerted government action.  This will take the form of a Cabinet Submission and a Cabinet Presentation Deck, the main instruments required for policy, program and legislative approval in the provincial government. Throughout the course students will be exposed to seasoned public servants who present on a range of topics that are relevant to the practice of policy-making within a government context.    

Finally, the class will culminate into a presentation at a simulated inter-departmental meeting, as is required prior to obtaining ministerial approval and proceeding to the relevant Cabinet committee for consideration. Presenters will be ready to answer questions from students and faculty in attendance.

Students enrolled in the course during the Winter 2019 semester focused their projects on the following subjects:

  • Indigenous People’s Inclusion in the Jury Roll Process
  • Ontario’s Climate Change Plan: Shifting to a Low-Carbon Economy through the Clean Technology Sector
  • How to Reintegrate Displaced Auto-Workers in the Durham Region
  • Improving Francophone Immigration to Northern Ontario
  • Declining Math Scores in Ontario
  • Ontario’s International Skills Deficit: Addressing Ontario’s Lack of Student Outbound Mobility
  • The Gender Wage Gap for Female-Lone Parent Families in Ontario
  • Traffic Congestion in the Greater Toronto Area