MPIA Dual Degree with l’Université de Strasbourg 

View of Strasbourg

York University and the Université de Strasbourg offer a Dual Degree program involving York’s bilingual Master’s Degree in Public & International Affairs and the Master en Administration Publique de l’Institut d’Études Politiques de l’Université de Strasbourg.

A small and select number of students from each institution complete their first year of academic studies in the Master’s in Public & International Affairs at Glendon College.

The second year of their academic studies is then completed in the Master in International Relations at the Institute of Political Studies (IEP),University of Strasbourg. Students are eligible to take courses in the following three specializations:

  1. International Relations: Negotiations and International Expertise
  2. International Relations: Borders: Cooperation and Conflicts
  3. International Relations: Globalization and Transnational Issues

Following the successful completion of these two years of study, the first in Toronto, Canada, and the second in Strasbourg, France, students receive two graduate degrees, one from each institution.

The Dual Degree program with the Université de Strasbourg offers the opportunity to combine the domestic and international aspects of public affairs not only in theory but also in practice. Students take courses at two leading universities, and learning from studying with faculty members with a wide range of expertise on both sides of the Atlantic.  Anglophone students consolidate their knowledge of the second official language by being immersed in a native francophone environment. Strasbourg, the seat of the European Parliament and Council of Europe, also offers many intellectually stimulating opportunities for Dual Degree candidates.

Application Procedures

Internal deadline: January 10, 2023.

Graduate students wishing to participate in the Dual Degree must submit the following information to the program office, by email to 

  • CV (updated)
  • Top 3 choices – Ranked in order of preference
  • Statement of Intent
  • Cost of Living Worksheet (PDF)
  • Three Academic Letters of Reference (PDF).

All candidates for the Dual Degree are encouraged to book an appointment with the Graduate Program Director, prior to the deadline. Candidates will be selected according to their seriousness of interest, as well as personal and academic fit.