Current Professors

Photo of Prof Chapelatine-FeliciatiClara Chapdelaine-Feliciati
Academic History: PhD in Law (Oxford University)
Title: Assistant Professor of International Studies
Research Interests: International Law, Human Rights, Children and the Law, Feminist Legal Studies, Criminal Law, Semiotics of Law

Headshot of Miloud ChennoufiMiloud Chennoufi
Academic History: PhD (Université de Montréal)
Title: Assistant Professor of International Relations
Research Interests: Theory of International Relations, Political Theory, and the Geopolitics of the Middle-East  

Photo of Cordelia

Cordelia Clarke Julien
Academic History: BA (York University); MA (McMaster); PMP (Project Management Institute)
Titles: Assistant Deputy Minister, Ontario Growth Secretariat, Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing; Governance Chair, Lakeridge Health; public policy and change management expertise

Headshot of Elaine CoburnElaine Coburn
Academic History: PhD (Stanford)
Title: Associate Professor of International Studies
Research Interests: Critical Social Theory, Indigenous Struggles, Neoliberal Globalization, Social Justice Movements, Social Science Methods

Denise Dwyer
Academic History:  B.A. (McGill University)  L.L.B. (University of Windsor) M.Ed. (OISE, UT)
Title:  Assistant Deputy Minister, Indigenous Education and Wellbeing, Ontario Ministry of Education, Member of the Ontario Bar;  President and Founder, Black Female Lawyers Network. Extensive experience in policy development. 

Headshot of Marie-Lison Fougère Marie-Lison Fougère 
Academic History: MA (York University)
Titles: Deputy Minister Responsible for Women’s Issues and Deputy Minister Responsible for Francophone Affairs for the Government of Ontario

Headshot of Francis GaronFrancis Garon
Academic History: PhD (Montréal)
Title: Associate Professor of Political Science, Program Director of The Glendon School of Public and International Affairs
Research Interests: Public policy and administration, deliberative democracy, Québec and Canadian politics

Headshot of Marie LavoieMarie Lavoie
Academic History:
 DPhil (Sussex-SPRU)
Title: Associate Professor of Economics
Research Interests: Innovation Economics; Science and Technology Policy; Science Diplomacy; Impact of Science and Technology; STEM Education and Labour Market; Human Capital and Social Capital

Headshot of Emily Laxer Emily Laxer 
Academic History: PhD (University of Toronto)
Title: Associate Professor of Sociology
Research Interests: Political Sociology; Immigration, Race & Ethnicity, Citizenship & Nationalism; Gender

Headshot of Willem Maas Willem Maas 
Academic History: PhD (Yale)
Title: Professor of Political Science and Jean Monnet Chair in European Integration.
Research Interests: Comparative politics, European integration, citizenship and migration, sovereignty, nationalism, democratic theory, federalism

Headshot of Andrew MackeyAndrew Mackey
Academic History:
MPA (Dalhousie), MER (Memorial, NL) Med (Memorial, NL)
Senior Policy and Issues Advisor, Deputy Minister’s Office – Ontario Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility 
Research Interests: 
Political Economy, Public economics

Headshot of Nicholas Guillaume MartineauNicolas-Guillaume Martineau
Academic History:
 PhD (Queen’s)
Title: Assistant Professor of Economics
Research Interests: Political Economy, Public economics


Jean Michel Montsion
Academic History: PhD (McMaster)
Associate Professor of Multidisciplinary Studies
Research Interests:
Global and gateway cities, political geography, roles of ethnic community associations in international political economy, Singapore, Vancouver and northern Canada 

Headshot of Joanna Robinson Joanna Robinson 
Academic History: PhD (UBC)
Title: Associate Professor of Sociology
Research Interests: Contentious politics, globalization, the environment, climate change, labour, urban sociology and inequality


Headshot of Shirin ShahkroniShirin Shahkroni
Academic History: 
PhD (Cambridge)
 Assistant Professor of Sociology
Research Interests:
Immigration, identity negotiation processes, educational and professional trajectories, racism and discrimination

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Previous Professors 

Mary Anne Chambers O.Ont., M.S.M., Hon LL.D.
Governor of Canada’s International Development Research Centre, a Senior Fellow at York University’s Glendon School of Public and International Affairs, and a Mentor with the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation

Andrew Dawson   PhD (McGill)
Associate Professor of Sociology
Political sociology, international development, ethnic and political violence, and comparative historical sociology

Ferry de Kerckhove PhD (Laval)
Former Ambassador of Canada and Senior Fellow of the GSPIA 
Diplomacy and World Affairs, Geopolitics of the Middle-East

Ellen Gutterman PhD (Toronto)
Assistant Professor of Political Science 
International relations theory, compliance with international law, international organizations, international political economy, corruption in the global economy

Vincent Hildebrand, PhD (York)
Associate Professor of Economics
Labour economics, microeconomics, public finance, immigration

Alex Himelfarb, PhD (Toronto)
Professor of Sociology, Director Emeritus of the School of Public and International Affairs

Louis-Philippe Hodgson, PhD (Harvard) 
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Moral and political philosophy, Kant’s practical philosophy, philosophy of law, history of moral and political philosophy, especially social contract theory

Suzanne Langlois, PhD (McGill)
Associate Professor of History
Modern European history, twentieth century world conflicts, film history

Marc Lesage, PhD (Concordia)
Associate Professor of Sociology
Globalization, Social and Political thought, Social Movements

Evan Light, PhD (Montréal)
Assistant Professor of Translation
Communication policy, social movements, surveillance, privacy, South America, Canada

Edelgard Mahant, PhD (LSE)
Professor of Political Science
Foreign policy analysis and comparative foreign policy; European integration; comparative regional integration; comparative politics of advanced industrial states.

Ian Martin, PhD (Toronto)
Associate Professor of English
Cuba, indigenous people, multiculturalism and transculturalism, northern Canada, second language education

Kenneth McRoberts, PhD (Chicago)
Professor of Political Science, Director Emeritus of The School of Public and International Affairs
Canadian and Québec politics, Canadian federalism, constitutional issues, language policy, stateless nations, comparative politics

Jacinthe Michaud PhD (Toronto) 
Associate Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies
Feminism; political and social movements; feminist theories; public policy and collective action

Jean Michel Montsion PhD (McMaster)
Associate Professor of Multidisciplinary Studies
Global and gateway cities, political geography, roles of ethnic community associations in international political economy, Singapore, Vancouver and northern Canada 

Eric Ouellet, PhD (York University),
Full Professor of Defence Studies
Military and political sociology, Institutional analysis, Strategic decision-making, Information Operations

Roberto Perin, PhD (Ottawa)
Professor of History
History of Québec, history of immigrants to Canada, history of religion in Canada

Ian Roberge, PhD (McMaster)
Associate Professor of Political Science 
Canadian public policy, international political economy, financial services sector reform and integration, money laundering and terrorist financing policies

Bastien Sibille, PhD (Montreal), MPH (Sorbonne), Master (Science-po Paris)
Mobicoop, President