UPDATE 2022-01-24: The extended deadline for proposals is Monday, January 31!

The 12th Annual Glendon Graduate Student Conference in Translation Studies Presents


We would like to remind you to participate in the 12th Annual Glendon Graduate Conference in Translation Studies. Our theme for this year’s conference is “Translation, Image, and Sound”. The conference will be held virtually between March 18 and 20, 2022, and the keynote speaker will be Luis Pérez-González, University of Agder (Norway).

The graduate students committee at Glendon College took the decision to extend the deadline for ten more days. Regarding this exceptional situation we all are in since almost two years, and the inequity of the multiple situations our colleagues can be encountered around the world, the decision has been made to offer more flexibility to those that may need it.

For more information, please consult our Call for Papers (available in English, French, and Spanish)

    2022 Organizing Committee

    Eden Minichiello and Jean-François St-Arnault
    Committee Co-Chair & Finances

    Juna Lilaj

    Jazmin Rymberg
    Social Media, Website & Logistics

    María Constanza Guzmán
    Faculty Advisor