Glendon Research Services can assist you through the entire grant writing process, from advice on the content of your proposal and help develop your develop budgets, to final technical reviews and gathering signatures for submission. Our team can also help you identify opportunities for research funding, partnership development and knowledge dissemination.

Additionally, we offer guidance with equity, diversity and inclusion,  knowledge mobilization plans and post award administration. 

In theory, Glendon needs up to 10 business days for the internal processing of the application. However, grant applications vary in their complexity and we encourage you to contact us far in advance of the agency deadline so we can work together on your proposal from the very beginning.

Get In Touch With Us

If you have any questions or would like to book a consultation , please contact the Research Office at


Pre-grant Application Supports

  • Get in touch with us to discuss:
  • Potential funding or ideas in relation to your current research
  • The structure of the Tri-Council support system
  • Eligibility requirement for particular programs
  • How to involve community and/or partners in your research 

Before applying to a grant

During the application process

  • Grant Development Templates and planning your proposal
  • Access grant development/Planning Resources 
  • Engaging partners within and/or outside academia
  • Knowledge Mobilization and/or Research Data Management plans
  • Supportive documentation
  • Research proposal reviews
  • Budget planning
  • Internal funding opportunities

Useful Resources