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SSHRC Insight Development Grant

The research unit in LA&PS will be hosting an information session on the SSHRC Insight Development Grant (IDG): 

Date: Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

Time: 10:00-11:30 AM

Location: Ross Building South 822

The session will include an introductory presentation on the IDG Program (Nadya Bloom, Research Officer, LA&PS). It will be followed by panel presentations from LA&PS faculty members, who will speak to their experiences of adjudicating and/or applying to the IDG program and offer advice on how you might strengthen your application.

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Boyd Cothran is Associate Professor in the Department of History (LA&PS). He is a historian of 19th-century US History and his research interests include: Global Indigenous Peoples, Settler Colonialism, the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, Global History, the American West, Historical Memory and Historiography. He was the recipient as Principal Investigator of an IDG in 2014 and as a co-applicant on an IDG in 2018.

Andrea Davis is an Associate Professor and Chair in the Department of Humanities (LA&PS). Her research interests include: Caribbean, African American and black Canadian literatures and theatre; postcolonial and diaspora studies; and black cultural and feminist studies. Prof. Davis has held a SSHRC Partnership Development Grant. She served on the IDG’s Fine Arts and Research Creation Adjudication Committee in Spring 2018.

Miriam Smith is a Professor in the Law and Society Program in the Department of Social Science (LA&PS). Her research interests include: Canadian comparative politics, legal mobilization and public policy, especially the LGBT movement in Canada in comparative perspective. Prof. Smith has held SSHRC Standard Research Grants  and Insight Grants continuously since 1995 as Principal Investigator as well as holding an RDI grant (the predecessor of the IDG). She has served on the IDG’s Political Science and Public Administration Adjudication Committee, twice, most recently in the Spring of 2018 as well as on the Standard Research Grant adjudication committee several times and the RDI committee once.

SSHRC – Insight Development Grant Program

The application and guidelines for the IDG have not yet been posted but there are no anticipated changes to the program so feel free to consult the IDG program page for more details. The expected IDG deadline is February 4, 2019.   

Insight Development Grants support research in its initial stages. The grants enable the development of new research questions, as well as experimentation with new methods, theoretical approaches and/or ideas. Funding is provided for short-term research development projects, of up to two years, proposed by individuals or team.

Proposed projects may involve, but are not limited to, the following types of research activities:

·         case studies;

·         pilot initiatives; and

·         critical analyses of existing research.

Projects may also involve national and international research collaboration, and the exploration of new ways of producing, structuring and mobilizing knowledge within and across disciplines and sectors.

SSHRC welcomes applications involving Indigenous research, as well as those involving research-creation.

Within the Insight Development Grant funding opportunity, funding is available for two distinct categories of scholars: emerging scholars and established scholars.

Emerging scholars: This funding supports high-quality research projects by emerging scholars to develop new research questions and/or approaches. Such projects may build on and further the applicant’s (or team’s) graduate work and/or represent a continuation of their overall research trajectory.

Established scholars: Funding for established scholars provides support to explore new research questions and/or approaches that are distinct from the applicant’s previous/ongoing research. Research projects should be clearly delimited and in the early stages of the research process. Insight Development Grant funding is not intended to support ongoing research for established scholars.

NSERC Information Session 

You are invited to attend an NSERC information session with a focus on aligning NSERC funding opportunities with your career goals. Hosted by the Strategic and institutional Research Initiatives ( SIRI) Unit within the Office of Research Services, the session includes a presentation by our regional NSERC representative, as well as a panel discussion featuring the NSERC representative and York Faculty members with a variety of NSERC award and grant experience.

Date: Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Time: 1pm to 3: 30 pm

Place: Room 519 Kaneff Tower

Please register here: