At Glendon, we want to ensure that our participants gain the most out of their workshop experience. As such, we have developed Workshop Rules & Expectations to promote a safe and respectful learning environment. We have also included some tips and tricks to improve the online learning experience.  

  • Come prepared: read the materials that will be sent to you 24 hours in advance and have paper, a pen or pencil handy to take notes. 
  • Get your brain ready to speak and listen in French (watch a video, read an article or call a friend to help prepare yourself) – Don’t be nervous. Everyone is learning.   
  • Before the workshop starts, try to find a place where you won’t be bothered, and you will be able to participate without distractions. 
  • All participants will be muted upon entry to workshop to limit background noise. If participants have questions, they can use the “raise hand feature” embedded in the Zoom application. 
  • Have fun! 

The Rules & Expectations: What we expect from our participants

  • Do not share the Zoom class session links with anyone who is not registered for the event. We will be taking attendance. 
  • Refrain from taking screenshots or screen recordings of virtual classrooms without the explicit permission from the teacher and class members – it is otherwise not permitted. 
  • Be respectful of others while they are talking. Stay off your phones, other devices, and social media. Please be respectful of the Facilitator, Moderators and your class members. 
  • Use of any profanity – written, drawn, displayed or spoken – is strictly prohibited. 
  • Bullying, harassment or inappropriate behavior will result in immediate removal from the workshop. 
  • Be mindful of what you write and share in the Zoom chat option. Messages written in the Chat window during a session are saved automatically. We expect all participants to be kind and patient. 

Please note: a complete list of tips and tricks and a user guide will be sent to participants who have registered.