We will be using the Zoom and Kahoot platforms and have a few suggestions that will contribute to making your participation in our workshops as enjoyable as possible. For security’s sake, we will be sending the meeting URL along with the ID number and password 24 hours in advance of all workshops, including the Workshop Rules & Expectations.

What you need to get started: 

A strong internet connection & a computer/laptop

  • Please refrain from using a cellphone or tablet if possible (you will need your phone for participating in the Kahoot)

You should use headphones with a microphone for optimal audio

Download & Join Zoom Workshop: 

Click on the event link we send you and download Zoom

  • You will be prompted to download the Zoom application
  • Download the Zoom application
  • Launch Zoom application from your browser


        Attending the workshop

        • You will be asked to join Zoom audio, click on “Join with Computer Audio”
        • Note you will be muted upon entry & remain muted

        You will be asked if you want to join the meeting with video. Choose “Join with Video” only if your parent/ guardian has signed the video consent form on the registration page

        • If consent has not been given, please select “Join without Video”

        Please note you will be put in a Zoom waiting room until the session begins. The workshop facilitator will bring all participants to the main room once the session is ready to begin. You will shortly be greeted by one of our moderators.

        You lose Internet connection: 

        If you lose your Internet connection for a while and are not able to re-join the session, email destination@glendon.yorku.ca. 

        The facilitator loses connection: 

        If the facilitator loses connection, the moderator will continue delivering the workshop until the facilitator returns.

        You are unable to join the meeting: 

        If you are unable to join, please email destination@glendon.yorku.ca