What is Explore?

Bilingualism in Action

Explore is an intensive, government-funded immersion programs offered during the spring and summer in exciting locations across the country. The sessions are taught at accredited institutions, and students live on campus.

Why apply to the Explore language-learning program?

Explore is a life-changing experience that often leaves participants wanting more. In fact, many students have returned to the program to continue improving their French or English skills. Explore offers a wide range of benefits such as:

  • Learning or improving your French or English in an accelerated and immersive experience;
  • Connecting with other people from across Canada;
  • Experiencing a different culture and way of life;
  • Building confidence by practising French or English with fellow students;
  • Developing independence by traveling to and living in another part of Canada;
  • Enhancing your résumé with Explore programs credentials.

Why Glendon?

Make Your Mark - Change the World

Located in the dynamic, urban landscape of midtown Toronto, Glendon offers a welcoming environment on its picturesque, ivy-lined campus. With a focus on bilingual and trilingual programming, we reflect Canada’s cultural diversity while offering a window into the rest of the world. Small classes combined with flexible learning paths provide a unique, community-driven university experience. Being part of a thriving international network makes Glendon a rewarding experience for those looking for an intimate campus environment with large-scale impact.

How to Apply?

Am I Eligible?

In order to qualify for funding, you must meet BOTH of the following criteria:

  • Be either a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident (those studying in Canada on a student visa are not eligible);
  • Meet the institution’s minimum age requirement by the time Explore begins (13–15, 16–17, or 19+).

You must also meet ONE of the following criteria depending on your age:

  • Have been a part-time or full-time student for at least one term during the current school year; or
  • Have been an Odyssey participant within the last two years.

Not Eligible for Funding?

No problem! Glendon accepts participants who can cover their own expenses.
Find out more about our IMMERSION PROGRAM here.

The Official Languages Programs (OLP) are funded by the Government of Canada and administered by ministries and departments of education across the country. Officials from each province and territory work with the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC).