Writer: Carli Gardner

At Glendon, students and faculty members collaborate to develop innovative approaches to teaching and learning throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

This spring’s adaptation of the yearly Psychology poster day, an opportunity for 4th-year students to present their research projects to their professors and peers, is exemplary of how the College continues to adapt educational opportunities for online and remote delivery.

Hosted by the Psychology department and organized by professor Stéphanie Marion, these virtual poster presentations provided students with the opportunity to showcase their research projects and skills cultivated throughout their studies inside the classroom and outside of the classroom in laboratories, elementary schools and hospitals.

The variety of thesis topics presented by students: from an analysis of how cognitive development differs between impaired and non-impaired adult populations, to an understanding of how labelling students with learning disabilities effects their academic performance, is a testament to the wide range of research specialists available for Glendon students to pursue their specific research interests.

Today, these new grads are equipped with the research skills to continue tackling the complex problems initially explored in their 4th-year thesis projects.

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