The Spanish Resource Centre of Toronto is an educational institution supported by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture & Sports, in collaboration with York University. It is part of a net of Centres dedicated to the promotion of the Spanish language around the world.

Founded in 2001, the SRC was originally located at Vanier College, on York University’s Keele Campus. In November of 2008 it was inaugurated in its current location, at Glendon College.

The SRC’s mandate is to promote the Spanish language and the culture of Spanish speaking countries. In collaboration with the Program of Spanish and Latin American Cultures and Societies, the SRC organizes workshops, film screenings, seminars, and other related events.

The Centre is also home to an extensive collection of Spanish-language books and audiovisual materials available for free to all its members. In addition, it provides a quiet space to study, play, watch movies, and enjoy practicing the Spanish language.

For more information regarding the SRC of Toronto please visit the website of the Spanish Education Office in Canada.