Dear Aquatic Enthusiasts,

We are be offering the following Aquafit classes:

Mondays: 1pm – 1:50pm
Tuesdays: 1pm – 1:50pm
Wednesdays:  9am – 9:50am & 1:15 – 2pm
Thursdays: 1pm – 1:50pm
Fridays: 9am – 9:50am

We will be monitoring numbers throughout the Fall session.  For those classes with poor attendance there may be a chance of cancellations in the Winter term.

For the Lengths, Senior and Rec. Swims we will continue to use the online booking portal at www.glendonac.ca.  If staff are available, the bookings will appear on the portal three days in advance.  If we don’t have staff to work shifts, then no bookings will be available to book.  As you are aware, there is a global lifeguard shortage and we are trying very hard to recruit staff to work at the GAC.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Scarlett Farquhar
Aquatics Coordinator / Coordinatrice des Activités Aquatiques
Club Athlétique de Glendon | Université York| Glendon Athletic Club | York University
Proctor Field House | 2275 Bayview Ave. | Toronto, ON | M4N 3M6
T: 416-736-2100 ext 88555 | F: 416-487-6789 | www.glendon.yorku.ca/gac


Swim Descriptions

Lengths Swim

The pool is divided into three lanes (slow, medium and fast) and is reserved for the use of those both capable of, and intending to swim repeated lengths of the pool.  Seniors are most welcome to join this swim as well.

Recreational (REC) SwimBoy swimming

An open swim period shared by all members, both children and adults alike. Children (12 years and under) must be directly supervised by a person 13 years or older, who is also in the water and within arm’ s reach.  Lane ropes will stay in the water during this swim.


Is there really such a thing as gentle exercise that gets results? Absolutely! Aquafit, or exercising in the water, provides a superb workout with little or no impact on your body. Not a swimmer? Not a problem, because Aquafit offers many options for non-swimmers, such as using the shallow end for those who prefer to stay out of the deep end or making use of suspension belts to enable deep-end access. Exercises done in water reduce stress on muscles and incorporate both gentle therapeutic motions with vigorous movements, making Aquafit the perfect class for all ages and all fitness levels.