Printable Group Exercise Schedule

Group Exercise Class Descriptions


A motivating interval workout class that alternates cardio with weight training, approximately 2:1 ratio. Tone and strengthen your muscles, increase your heart rate, and build a repertoire of exercises that you can incorporate into your personal program.


Group Cycling is an exercise program that utilizes the latest Schwinn bikes (with power consoles) that will provide the participant with both a physical and mental workout. Classes are led by certified instructors and are held in our Cycling Studio. A typical workout lasts about 55 minutes during which time the instructor uses a variety of visual, technical and verbal techniques, along with music to motivate the class.


Here is a workout where you can look forward to engaging in a variety of dance styles. Fun is the key and everyone at all levels is welcome – and you will fire up your creative and emotive juices in this unique music-oriented class.


>This fluid, gentle practice will be soothing for those who need a break from the demands of exams and evaluations or a hectic work week and compliments all of our other classes as it provides the opportunity to s-t-r-e-t-ch.  Classes will build strength and lengthen tight, overworked muscles.  For practitioners of all levels; modifications will be built into each practice to welcome all.


Hatha yoga is a meditative, stress-busting practice which hones in on many of the basic yoga postures, making it a perfect introduction for beginners and experienced yogis alike. In Sanskrit, the word “hatha” refers to the union of two opposites: sun (ha) and (moon) in Sanskrit. This form of yoga is filled with a series of postures, or asanas, that both strengthen the body and improve flexibility. Each pose is its own strength and endurance exercise while they also stretch and move through their full range of motion. It helps correct and support better posture and alignment as well as helps with stress management. It is strongly suggested that participants provide their own Yoga mats.

LIGHT & LIVELY (Geared to older adults)

This class is a total body workout that includes a low impact Cardio segment, Conditioning both the upper and lower body, Resistance training exercises to increase bone density targeting all the major muscle groups while strengthening and balancing the body musculature, using dumbbells, thera-bands, various balls.


This is classic aerobic endurance class, performed without jumping to keep impact low to the joints of the knees, hips, and back. Starting with a locomotive warm up, progressing to a faster moving 30 minute cardiovascular portion, and finishing with a cool down and short lower body stretch, this workout is designed to improve cardiovascular endurance, while exercising to motivating, pumping beats! (All fitness and skill levels welcome)


This class is a blend of mobility, balance, and yoga practice, and is for all fitness levels. It is designed to help improve balance, joint flexibility and range of motion.


This dynamic class focuses on core stability, balanced muscular strength, improve posture, body alignment, greater flexibility, mobility, coordination and range of motion, all geared to ease functional movement in everyday living.

PILATES (Rachel)

A mats class for all fitness levels, including exercises for the core (including, abdominals, hip flexors, low back, buttocks, hamstrings, and shoulders), followed by a stretch.


Improve your core strength (abdominals, back and glutes) using the stability ball. This class improves overall flexibility, range of motion, balance and strength.


Tai Chi, as it is practiced in the West today, is best described as a combination of a moving form of yoga and meditation. There are several “forms” or (“sets”) which consists of a sequence of movements.  Although derived from martial arts, Tai Chi is performed slowly, softly and gracefully with smooth and even transitions between them. It aims to promote circulation of “chi” energy and foster a calm and tranquil mind.


Vinyasa is a style of yoga characterized by stringing postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath. Commonly referred to as “flow” yoga, Vinyasa Yoga helps to develop a more balanced body as well as prevent repetitive motion injuries that can happen if you are always doing the same thing every day. Vinyasa yoga can be practiced by any “body “with modifications and variations offered by the instructor. Vinyasa is synonymous with movement. Breath initiates the movement of Vinyasa. Vinyasa helps Build strength, coupled with flexibility, by emphasizing and exploring slower options. Doing so will help you create a sustainable, life-long practice. Vinyasa Yoga is a more complete type of class as it typically moves through all of the various asana families in a single session. It is strongly suggested that participants provide their own Yoga mats.


A motivating class that focuses on working predetermined muscle groups, through reps and sets at an individual level. Tone and strengthen your muscles, increase your heart rate, and build a repertoire of exercises that you can incorporate into your personal program.


Using a fusion of Latin and International music/dance themes, Zumba creates a dynamic, exciting, effective fitness system! The routines feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body, targeting glutes, legs, arms, abdominals and most importantly, the heart. You don’t need to know how to dance to Zumba.


Zumba Toning combines body-sculpting exercises and high-energy cardio work infused with Zumba moves to create a calorie-torching, strength-training fitness party. Participants use 1-3 pound weights to enhance rhythm and tone all their target zones, including arms, abs, and legs.